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Jobs in Milton Keynes are of all types. Certain professions like retail, sales, IT are more in demand here (in my opinion)

Milton Keynes jobs Centre:

Local job centre is the best place to start looking for a job. Each year job centres countrywide place ove 2 million people in work. They are linked to a computer database which can give information about jobs all over the UK and abroad.

Their website at

Any member of the public can use the service you don't have to be unemployed. Once you have identified a job that interests you then the staff can provide you with more details of it. They can also make further arrangements, for example organising an interview appointment

Employment Service Job Centre
St Georges House
811 Silbury Blvd
Secklow Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

Tel 01908 455500


224 Queensway

Tel 01908 453555

Employment Agencies:

Anyone can register with a private employment or recruitment agancy to look for work. Some agencies deal with vacancies covering a variety of different occupation, others specialise in vacancies of a particular type eg. Office or IT

Local and National Newspapers:

Local newspapers are a good source of vacancies. There is often a particular day of the week when the jobs will appear. Keeping an eye on the vacancies section will give you a feel for the type of jobs around and the type of qualifications and skills required.

The Internet:

The internet has become a new and very useful medium for job seeking. It offers advice on careers and companies, vacancies listed by employers and a place to post your CV. The data is updated constantly. Serach Google with keywords like 'milton keynes jobs' etc.

Newsagents/Local shop windows

This is where you can often find casual or part time vacancies such as child minding, gardening, cleaning. If you have a particular skill you could always advertise this way

Using your contacts Most vacancies are never actually advertised but rely on staff to spread the word to people they may know. Tell your friends, neighbours, relations that you are looking for work and you may be lucky.

You could also contact firms 'on spec' either by a phone call or by writing a letter and enclosing your CV.


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