Admiralty Arch in London

Admiralty is a term that was earlier associated with the authority that was responsible for the command of the Royal Navy in Britain. Today, the admiralty department is no longer functioning and the building premises are used by British government.

The Admiralty is the name given to the oldest building in the Admiralty complex. It is now better known as the Ripley Building. It is a U-shaped three storied building. The construction of the Admiralty building was completed in 1726.

Another important building in the premises is the Admiralty House. Admiralty House faces Whitehall. This building was built during the late 18th century. The Old Admiralty building is regarded as the largest of the buildings. It is built in red bricks and its architecture is influenced from the French architectural style. It was earlier used for government functions. It even served as the official residence of First Lords of the Admiralty till 1964. Admiralty House covers northern edge of Horse Guards Parade.

Admiralty Arch adjoins old Admiralty building. It is considered to be a landmark structure in London. Admiralty Arch plays a crucial role during ceremonial events as it links the Trafalgar Square to the Mall and eventually it is connected to the Buckingham Palace. The construction of the building was completed in 1912. A popular feature on the Admiralty Arch is 'the nose'.

Nearest Tube Station to reach Admiralty is-

Charring Cross Tube Station

1. Address & Postcode:- Admiralty House, Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY, UK



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