Bank of England and Museum

The history of Bank of England can be understood from the collection that has been placed in the Bank of England and Museum. The Bank of England and Museum is situated on Threadneedle Street in London which has Bishopsgate at its northeast end and Bank junction in the southwest. The museum is also known as the 'Old Lady' as it has been in service for the past several years.

The Museum has been built inside the building wherein the bank is located. This arrangement enables the visitors to witness the long history of the bank from its establishment in 1694 by virtue of the Royal Charter, to its present day contribution as being the Central Bank of England.

The bank of England and Museum has a variety of collection which has been kept for public display. Some of the things on display include things like gold bars, statues, furniture, coins, unique banknotes, Roman pottery, etc.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Bank of England and Museum are-

1. Bank Tube Station
2. Canon Street Tube Station
3. Mansion House Tube Station

1. Address & Postcode:- Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH

2. Contact:-

a.Phone:- +44 (0) 20 7601 5546




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