Banqueting House in Whitehall Palace

Banqueting House is situated in Whitehall Palace in London. In fact, the Banqueting House is opposite Horse Guards Parade. The construction of the Banqueting house was completed as early as in 1622. The Banqueting house can be correctly said to be the turning point in the history of architectural concepts in Britain. Although there was acceptance of other architectural style on a large scale, the architectural designs in Britain still retained the domestic touch.

Inigo Jones has designed the building of the house and he was very much influenced by the Palladian style of architecture. The Banqueting House was built for King James I. It is said that when the work of the said building was completed, it left everyone amazed as such a magnificent structure was never seen or heard of by anyone. The banqueting house however suffered tremendous damage when a fire broke out in 1619. The new structure was also made using Portland stone as was the original one.

The Banqueting House was a two floor building. It was used for several occasions and events like royal receptions and ceremonies. Sometimes, even performances by masque artists have been hosted here. During these events, large crowd would gather to witness them. The public was allowed to see the events from the galleries. King Charles I is said to have spent lavishly on decorating the Banqueting House as per his wishes.

The Banqueting House, influenced by the Italian Renaissance style, proved to be a source of inspiration for future architects. The popularity of the Banqueting House design can be seen from the fact that during that time, in almost every region of England, there were houses designed on the lines of the Banqueting House.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Banqueting House are-
1. Charing Cross Tube Station
2. Embankment Tube Station
3. Westminster Tube Station
1. Address & Postcode:- Whitehall, London SW1A 2ER, United Kingdom
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