Broadcasting House in London

Broadcasting House is situated in London at two places, namely at Portland Place and Langham Place. The Broadcasting House is not only the headquarters, but also home to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Broadcasting House is BBC's first venture. The purpose of founding it was to provide the audience with radio broadcasting. Even today, the Radio Theatre at the Broadcasting House is popular.

Broadcasting House is the place where BBC brought together Radio, Television, News and its Online Services. It is considered to be London's largest creative hub that provides for live programs. Daily tours are arranged for visitors. The visitors get to see what goes on in the Broadcasting House and how the programs are made.

The first broadcasting was made from the Broadcasting House in 1932. There are two broadcasting buildings-old and new. Both the old and the new buildings are built using Portland Stone. Some portion of the old broadcasting house was destroyed owing to the bomb attacks during the Second World War period. The damage led to the re-construction of the old building.

The old building had 22 studios from where the broadcasting took place. Many more studios have been added after the rebuilding was completed. The new building includes new external piazza, Media Café, etc. The old and the new Broadcasting House buildings are linked to each other by glass-fronted extension.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Broadcasting House are-

1. Great Portland Street Tube Station
2. Bond Street Tube Station
3. Oxford Circus Tube Station

1. Location Address & Postcode:- Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

2. Contact:-

a.Website:- htttp://



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