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In Britain the options for fun and relaxation are tremendous. Top British leisure activities vary from a walk in the countryside to surfing the net. Many of the favorites are free or close to it which may explain the high rankings.

Walking the Countryside

The most favorite activity, according to a recent British poll, is simply walking the countryside. There are innumerable trails throughout Britain and a number of websites to demonstrate the steepness and length of the trail. Be sure to verify the trail matches your experience. An excellent place to start the research is Where2walk. This site easily divides the trails by region and with a few clicks provides the length of the walk.

A Top walk includes the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent. This land was just acquired a year ago and features the South Foreland Lighthouse. Another interesting walk to follow is the old railroad tracks of the Crab and Winkle line which runs from Canterbury to Whit stable. It provides hiking and cycling trails with available bike rentals.

A day at the Pub

A day at the pub in Britain is definitely changing. Many of the pubs have either gone family friendly or completely alcohol free making a day at the pub family time. Others cater to a student population. Fare includes everything from typical British food to milkshakes. Kid menus are generally available. Many pubs have gone out of business. Neighborhoods are banding together to purchase the pubs and reopen them.

Britain and the love of sports

Interestingly enough a majority believes that soccer is the favorite British sport. That's incorrect. Cricket is the number one sport, followed by football. Cricket fans lament the game no longer gets the respect deserved given instead to football. The love for the Manchester United Team is legendary. Britain's selection of the number seven as its second favorite number is due to Manchester's star David Beckham who wore the number.

Britain and shopping

Kate Middleton is Britain's fashion leader. Many of the clothes she wears are available throughout Britain. The Oasis site sold out of her black dress, but there are still many styles available. The store has over 300 locations. For the younger crowd shopping at the New Look will result in reasonably priced finds. Jeans starting at $15 and dresses at $17.00.

The favorite department stores are Harrod's, which offers a wide variety of products. Fenwick of Bond Street is another favorite occupying five stories. Just like Harrod's the selection runs from clothes to electronics. Obviously the activities in Britain are essentially endless. Outside activities include swimming and diving which kid's actively participate in along with family walks. Attendance and participation in football and cricket games are also among the family favorites.

Inside activities include eating and drinking at one of the many pubs. Shopping at one of the many stores or large malls or heading to the cinema are typical activities.

Other noteworthy pasttimes are fishing, dog walking, watching soaps on TV and gardening in our backyards!




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