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The world loves pets. Britain is no different. Almost one in two British families have a pet. Most prefer dogs, but cats are really close. But not all British families stick with the standard pets. Fish, reptiles and fowls are among the favorites.

So, what are the pets that people in Britain like to have?

The love of the loyal dog

While the Labrador is the most popular breed, spaniels occupy three of the top ten selections. The spaniels include the second place Cocker, the third place English Springer and the seventh place King Cavalier Spaniel. Two terriers the Staffordshire Bull and the Border made the list along with the German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Pug and Boxer.

The love for the cat

The cat and dog population is roughly equal in number. The difference is the cat is in a smaller percentage of households. There is debate as to the rankings of the cats, but the names are the same. Same place the Bengal as the top cat while others pick the Persian. The Maine Coon constantly ranks high as well. Other cats include the British Shorthair and Ragdoll.

Fish have the highest population

Fish have the highest population, but are concentrated in a smaller percentage of households. The population of pond and tank fish is almost evenly split. More households in Britain have more fish in tanks than ponds, however the numbers are really close.

Rabbits, Birds and Fowls

There are a number of pets in Britain that average a population of a million. The winner in this category is the rabbit. Popular rabbit breeds include the Florida White, California and Sussex.
Birds also enjoy caged birds. It is important to follow the law regarding breeds. Some breeds such as the Goldfinch and Bullfinch can only be bought at certain stores and must have the appropriate tag. Increasing in popularity is domestic fowls. The first decision is which fowl? The typical options are chicken, duck or geese.

Pets less favored

There are several pets that have a small representation, but still are significant. Many keep lizards, guinea pigs and hamsters as pets, but in smaller numbers. Britain also has a rather large horse population. The less popular British pets should be of no surprise. Rats and insects are barely mentioned as a pet.

Britain loves Pudsey

The Winner of Britain's Got Talent, Pudsey, the dancing dog, has received endorsement offers in excess of a million dollars. This sweetens the $800,000 pot awarded for winning the show. Endorsement requests run from stuffed animals to dog food.

Final considerations

Often times the selection is based upon location, the size of the household and the time spent with the pet. Obviously a dog requires a great deal of attention while a rabbit could go days without human interaction. Heavy travelers and others requiring time away may want to consider a reptile or a fish tank. Whatever the selection give it serious consideration. The pet population is as varied as Britain's. Whether it is a dog, cat or fish person there will be a suitable find.




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