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Typical household in Britain is like in most of western countries -it is individual centric with smaller families as compared to Asian culture.

As with the rest of the world family life is changing dramatically in Britain. The marriage rate is the lowest it has been in years with adults preferring to live together instead of getting married. Family units are increasingly made up of two moms or two dads and adult children are living with mom and dad.

The British economy and impact upon families

Britons are working a very long number of hours. Many are coming in on Saturday or staying late to help pay the bills. For Britain, poverty is a major issue. There are more poor black families than white families. A large group of the poor come from homes with just one mom or dad. Recent news however, shows that things may be getting better.

The housing crisis

No doubt the downturn in the world economy has contributed to smaller families. It has also led to an increase in the number of families with adults living at home mom and dad. Adult children want to move, but housing cost has become extremely expensive or unavailable. To help, many more homes need to be built in areas such as London to meet demand.

Suggestions to the government to ease family stress

No doubt British families are stressed. A government study asked for three suggestions. The results were not surprising. The top vote getter was the desire to develop a sense of community among today's youth. There is a difference between "citizenship" and "communityship." Britain feels the community identification is missing and needs to be developed.

The last two suggestions directly related to moms. The second vote getter suggested the government help moms who stay at home financially. The third vote getter was to have the government help during childbirth by paying for time off. Another viable suggestion was to have libraries act as youth centers as well. This idea is that this will provide activities and prevent crime. The British government has many programs to help reduce stress at home and in the work place.

Single sex households

For the first time families may be composed of a single sex. It has been shown that British same sex families tend to share more responsibilities and are better with money. Children of same sex marriages tend to be happy, but have been bullied on numerous occasions.

Modes of transportation

The typical British family travels by auto. However, there are many unique methods for family travel. When in London, families and commuters often take the tube or subway. With 262 stations the tube covers 242 miles, of which 106 is underground. After the auto, the tube is second in relation to the distance traveled.

The challenges faced by Britain are essentially no different than the majority of the Western World. The economy, housing and government involvement were all major concerns. Families are working longer hours due to the increased cost of food and housing. All indications are the British economy is improving as is British family life.




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