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Here is how a typical day in the life of a British teenager looks like.

The typical British high school calendar runs September to mid-July and is from year ten to year twelve. Its day begins at 8:45 with registration. During this 15 minute period, students are given the news of the day and attendance is verified. Classes begin at 9:00 with the school day ending at 3:10. There are five periods each scheduled at an hour. Typically, there is an hour break during the day. One is at 11:00 which is recess and last generally 20 minutes. Activities such as tag and snowball fights are typically played during the period. Lunch is later generally about 1 and lasts 40 minutes.

Graduation Requirements

The British academic requirements are stringent. Generally subjects are studied for two years, however the requirement does vary. Math, Science, and Social Studies are two years. Physical Education and Fine Arts require only one year, while English is required all three years. An additional requirement for high school seniors is planning for life after graduation.

Additional Resources

In order to help students who may be falling behind, many British high schools offer tutoring resources. Often referred to as a Learning Center, a student can request assistance through the teacher. The Center offers Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Peers to help. Tutoring is offered in almost all subjects.

Head start program

The British Head Start program can provide college prep classes as well as training for a trade. In addition to advanced coursework, typical classes under this program include gardening and cooking. The program has been expanded into private businesses. Many companies offer specific courses and experience in engineering and computer science. A number of programs specialize in getting girls involved in male dominated professions.

Special British High Schools

Britain has a number of high schools which specialize. One such high school specializes in Math, Science and Computers. The general education requirements remain the same with the emphasis placed on technology.

Weekend and Outside Activities

Many, if not most British high school students participate in sport activities after school and on the weekends. The teen group is no different than the population as a whole, with most playing and watching football or cricket. Surprisingly with the gray weather, swimming and diving is a favorite, along with hiking and cycling. Daily playground activities include the tag game "It" along with conkers. There are also the typical teen activities of video games and internet surfing.

Employment Options

Teens have seen the job market slowly improve. However, students who have found employment often find it is short term. The next downturn in the business would likely result in a layoff. The typical high school student in Britain is busy with school and outside activities. There are many high schools specializing in any number of subjects. Students have many avenues available to insure success through the many tutoring programs available. Studies can pursue a trade or attend advanced classes. The options are endless.




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