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England and also Britain are known for its pub culture. It is a place where friends and colleagues go to on a Friday evening after a hard week at work. It's a place to have a drink, watch football on big screen and have a conversation.

The typical stereotype of the British pub is far from reality. Many of the pubs have become either completely alcohol free or family friendly. The British pub is trending towards becoming the family meeting destination.

One thing a true British pub will exude through its décor is its history. The goal is to provide a warm, comfortable spot with proper historical references through art and photos.Many trace the community's history and development.

Traditional Pub games
Dependent upon the pub, there may or may not be a TV. The rationale being TV will distract from the conversation and the bar experience. The favored games require a face to face interaction. Typical pub games include darts, dominoes, pool and the trivia game Quiz.

Pub food
Typical pub food includes distinctly British items such as fish and chips, meat and potato pie and bangers and mash. Hamburgers are also often prepared.

The internet is filled with recipes for British pub food. Some of the recipes require hours of preparation while others can be completed in a matter of minutes. Delish.com provides many delicious recipes there suitable for pub food.

British Pub Etiquettes
It is improper to tip at a British pub. Instead of a tip it is customary to buy the server a drink. This prevents the awkward transfer of cash.

All food and drink is cash and carry. The customer orders, pays and delivers the drink. There is no service.

The check is determined by how it is ordered. A group order will result in one check. Individual checks for single orders.

Family friendly
This is where the entire family can feel comfortable meeting. It allows families with children under the age of 14 to stay within certain areas of the bar until 9. Child portions of traditional British pub food such as bangers and mash and meat pies are served. The drink selection caters to the younger audience with items such hot chocolate and milk shakes but alcohol is also served.

Student pubs
Student pubs are located within walking distance of many British campuses. The atmosphere of the pub changes from day to night. During the day it is similar to a study hall with a half pint. Later in the evening the atmosphere becomes a bit more rowdy.

Distinctly British pubs
There are certain pubs that are unique dueto location and the ale selection.Many pubs do specialize. Perhaps no pub says London as the Bricklayer's Arms. The photos, the hardwood floors and its location near the River Thames make it London's own.
For a true countryside pub experience there is The Anchor in Walberswick, Suffolk. The 1920's architecture combined with the two bars is enhanced only by the wine and food selection.
A British pub is as unique as the community it serves. Many play a major role in the preservation of British architecture and history. They have changed with the community.




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