Guildhall in City of London

Guildhall has been in business for several centuries now. The work for building the Guildhall began as early as 1411 and the same was completed sometime during the late 15th century. Architecture is medieval civic architecture.

Guildhall is situated in the centre of the City of London. It is a preferable choice to host events and banquets by the elite. Earlier Guildhall was commonly used as a town hall, but today, it is mainly used for hosting events and ceremonies. The office of City of London Corporation is located in the Guildhall complex.

Guildhall comprises of several rooms like the Great Hall which has Gothic stain glass window, there is the Crypt, Guildhall Gallery, Old Library, etc. It is in these rooms that events are held by the rich and wealthy.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Guildhall are-

1. Bank Tube Station
2. St Paul's Tube Station
3. Moorgate Tube Station
4. Mansion House Tube Station

1. Address & Postcode:- Gresham Street, London LC2
2. Contact:-

a.Phone:- +44 (0) 20 7332 1313

b. Website:-

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