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Sometimes, I’m asked what sites in England are not to be missed in an England Travel. To which I normally respond the Trafalgar square in London and Oxford. If you travel to England in June, don’t miss the Wimbledon.

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These are the best places to see in England

These are the Top 10 things to do in England

Top London attractions with nearby underground stations

Information about ceremonial counties in England


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England Map & Counties maps

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Tips on how to plan your London and England Itinerary

Various useful maps of England and its counties

Top 10 places to see in London

Information about Union Flag and how it is different from Flag of England




King and Queen

British Culture and Traditions

Best known university town in England with magnificent buildings like above. A must see place.

One more best known university town. Famous for punting in cam river and its famous students.

A bit about Kings and Queens of England

Various festivals, manners, way of life in England. Fascinating.

  Elizabethan England     Elizabethan Era , Jacobean Era Victorian Era & Edwardian Era

British Monarchs

Welcome to England travel. Like you, I am a normal tourist who happened to spend few years in England. This site is born out of my own travels within and outside of England. So, all suggested itineraries that you see here are very practical.

Here, you will find answers to commonly asked questions about England like what is the location of England, what is the difference between England, Britain, Great Britain and United Kingdom. Many outsides tend to use those terms interchangeably without realising that those are different geographies.

Same happens with the Flag of England. Many people mistake Union Jack as English flag, when it’s not.

Most popular city to see in Britain is obviously London. Many outsiders think that London attractions are very expensive to see. While that may be correct for some, trust me, there are several fantastic absolutely free attractions for all in London. These attractions can be visited by whole families saving you £££. There are many museums which whole family can enjoy on a rainy day. It’s far better to visit one of those museums than sitting in the hotel moaning about English weather!

Also check out this London itinerary to help with better travel planning. It has itineraries from one day to several days.

Now a bit about England trains. They are again expensive but if you follow these tips to buy cheaper tickets for train, then you can again save.
If you have travelled on a metro train anywhere else in the World, then you will find understanding London metro map fairly easy. You may find this guide on how to read London tube map useful.

If you have a limited time in England, then you will find one England travel itinerary here useful.

There are several maps of key attractions in London and other places. We will soon also have a London travel mobile app to help you with your travel planning. There is a county wise clickable map of England that will come handy to see attractions near your base town. For each of the county, you can find out the things to do and places to see. One of the great British traditions is the afternoon tea. In this guide, you will find selected top places for afternoon tea.

If you wish to take a caravan, see individual county pages for a list of caravan travel places.

If you are on a business travel, you will find the section on the famous English manners and etiquettes very useful. It includes useful tips about Dos and Don’ts in England.
Weather in England is very predictable. It will rain in any month and it can get cold any time. Generally speaking, July and August are the best months to visit England due to long days and less cold.

Although England does have a coastline and there are beautiful places & towns with beaches, swimming is probably not practical in many places due to cold water and cold weather. However, during July and August, there may be days when you will be able to enjoy lying on the beach.

If you are a history and culture lover, you would absolutely love time spent in England. England has a rich history, culture and traditions which date back centuries.
Tourists coming over from USA will find several similarities as well as differences. There are several practical differences between England and USA, driving being one. Some people claim we have different languages as well!

Tourists from India will find Britain very close to home. They will have several options to have Indian food all over UK. Those who have seen Victoria Terminus in Mumbai will not find central London too different from Fort area.

There are several Japanese tourists who visit London. I have great admiration for them. They always carry Japanese guidebooks with them and look lost on London tubes but seem to enjoy clicking pictures everywhere.

People coming from continental Europe have easy access to London on Eurostar or buses or cheap flights to one of the London airports like Gatwick or Stansted.

While you can find many fine accommodations while traveling, timeshare rentals offer some of the more convenient and comfortable places to stay. Travelers don’t  have to settle for hotels and if you travel to the same locations  consider timeshares for sale as a travel alternative.