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You may find that I have tried to include short itineraries (less than one week) rather than long ones. The reason for that is, you need more careful planning if you have less time on hand. So, I have tried to give you some idea of what is possible in the number of 'minimum' days I suggest. If you are planning for many days stay, you can do much more (and spend more!).

Swiss' main sights:
Rhine Falls
Lauterbrunnen valley
Montreux Photos - page 1
Montreux Photos - page 2
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Swiss Trains
Switzerland is a small multi-cultural, multi-lingual country located in the very heart of Europe. It shares common frontiers with five countries - Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein. Switzerland is therefore at the crossroads of the continent. It is a focal point of international air, road and rail traffic and easily accessible within hours from major European cities and centres.

Zurich and Geneva airports are fully integrated into the Swiss railroad network and have their own railway stations. Trains to the two city centres run every 10 to 20 minutes, with a travelling time of approximately 10 minutes.

Hourly intercity and direct trains leave right from either airport station and will connect you to many cities and towns.

In Basel, a bus service links the airport with the downtown area. The bus stops right outside the main railway station. The buses leave every 30 minutes and the ride takes 15 to 20 minutes.

If you want to visit Switzerland, I would suggest following two itineraries. Switzerland is quite unique. It has good diversity for a country of its size. There are four languages spoken in different parts - French, German, Italian and Romansch. There is one thing common though. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. The idea to cover more places is to 'fly in' to a one airport (Zurich) and 'fly out' from another (Geneva). This would save your time to go back to your 'fly in' airport. E.g. If you decide to use Zurich to fly in and fly out as well, you would have to travel back to Zurich wasting few hours of time. See travel planning tips for details.


Suggested Itineraries
This is a 8 days itinerary.
It covers Geneva, Montreaux, Laussanne, Zermatt, Glacier Express, Interlaken, Jungfraugh, Rhine Fall.

Day 1 – Travel to Geneva.
Day 2 – Geneva – Montreaux
Day 3 – Montreaux – Laussanne – Zermatt
Day 4 – Zermatt, Klein Matternhorn cable car
Day 5 – Take Glacier Express upto Chur – Interlaken
Day 6 – Interlaken – Jungfraugh top of Europe restaurant by cog wheel railway. Lauterbrunen, Waterfall on your way back
Day 7 – Lake Thun, Spienz, Interlaken
Day 8 – Rhine Fall, Fly back home from Zurich in the night

This is a 6 days itinerary.
It covers Geneva, Montreaux, Laussanne, Interlaken, Jungfraugh, Lucerne, Rhine Fall.

Day 1 – Travel to Geneva.
Day 2 – Geneva – Montreaux – Laussanne – Panorama express to Interlaken (Stay)
Day 3 – Interlaken – Jungfraugh top of Europe restaurant by cog wheel railway. Lauterbrunen, Muren, Wengen.
Day 4 – Lake Thun, Brienz, Interlaken, Waterfalls
Day 5 – Lucerne
Day 6 – Rhine Fall, Zurich brief tour - Fly back from Zurich


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