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Step 2 - Deciding Itinerary / Schedule

While doing planning, I also work on the high level itinerary. Doing this exercise gives me control on where I want to be on a particular day either because it would be economical to do so or for other reason.

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E.g. If I have to be at Buckingham palace on a particular day, I pen that in first.

I'll give you an example on how it saved me money without doing anything fancy.

I was touring Munich and Salzburg. I realised that Deuche Bahn (german railway) had something called as 'Weekend card' offer that allowed travelling anywhere in Germay on a weekend day (including 4 adults). It also included travel right upto Salzburg in Austria. If we had undertaken this travel on a weekday, it would have been much more expensive. So we planned it in such a way that we travelled from Munich to Salzburg on a Saturday.

Schedule also gives me where I'm going to spend the nights and then I go on to book the hotels (again Internet is the best place to look for reviews and deals).

Here is the Itinerary / Schedule spreadsheet (Disclaimer) that I use.

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