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I am often asked how severe the winter weather in England is. Depending on where you come from, the answer will defer. If you are travelling from hot places like India or Singapore, then the answer would be "winter in England is very cold, gloomy and depressing".

If you are coming from continental Europe, Scandinavian countries like Norway, Russia, Poland, then the answer would be "British winter is not as bad as some of the other places". It seldom snows in England and the country is not geared up to manage snow. In Scotland / Scottish highlands, its much chillier temperatures and it snows more as you go up north.

Winter months in England:

Winter months are generally considered from December to February. This is the period when its really cold. From end March, gradually you will see tulips and daffodils flowering. If you consider winter on the basis of cold, well, it will get very cold from mid November to mid March.

Winter in England Temperature:

It's cold around whole day and typically below 5 degrees sometimes going below zero. In Scotland, temperatures will be lower in minus as well. What is killing is the wind. Because of the wind chill factor, temperatures in England's winter feel lesser than they actually are.

Things to do in winter in England:

Unlike summer when there is sunlight till late nights - well beyond 9 pm, in winter, the sun goes down by 3 pm. It means you will have less things to do outside.

If you are travelling to England in December, one thing to do will be to enjoy the christmas lighting and overall joyful atmosphere in shopping centers. There will be typically late night shopping, which is unlike other months when shops close around 6 pm in many cases.

It snows few times only during winter. So if you have never enjoyed making a snowman, if it snows, this will be another interesting thing to do in winter.

If you guaranteed want to enjoy snow, then go to Scotland.

What is suitable clothing for winter in England?

I suggest you carry a long johns (full sleeves vest and a trouser that you wear inside your pants).

Ladies should carry stockings. You should wear warm clothing that covers your feet and head / ears. Carry sets of warm socks, a very warm winter jacket with hood, jeans or alike thick clothing.

A trick to beat the English winter is to wear layered clothing rather that just one thick coat.

Also carry hand gloves with you. Carry warm night gowns / sleep suits.


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