Things to do in Xscape

Things to do in Xscape Shopping Center Milton Keynes

Things to do in Xscape Milton Keynes Information:

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Xscape is located right in the center of Milton Keynes shopping area. It offers quite a few things to do.

Inside Xscape in Milton Keynes

Things to do in Xscape, some of these are:

Visit the Cineworld cinema. It’s on the first floor of Xscape.

Enjoy snow in SNO!zone: Being a member of the Virgin gym helps me. It overlooks the snow slopes and while running on my treadmill, I can enjoy watching people skiing while I’m sweating!

Another interesting thing to do would be to visit the ten pin bowling run by Hollywood bowling.

Godzilla outside Xscape

Adventure: If you fancy wall climbing, you can do it here.

Nightlife is also great. There are quite a few nightclubs around the area. There is plenty of parking.

Places to eat: There are quite a few places to eat in Xscape – right from the usual fast food like McDonalds and pizza to Italian and Nandos.

Costa coffee in Xscape

Address: 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3XS, United Kingdom
Hours: 6:30 am – 12:00 am
Phone: +44 871 200 3220

Website: Xscape – whats on

Here is the picture of Godzilla, which I think is a recent addition.

This is how Xscape looks from a distance – glass dome.

View of Xscape from a distance

There is Costa inside Xscape:

Costa in Xscape

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