Barren Island and North Passage

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have the distinction of having the only active volcano in South Asia. Barren Island is of volcanic origin and is about 130 km from Port Blair. It is barely 3 km in diameter and has a giant volcanic crater. It last erupted in 2005.

According to records, the first eruption was long back in 1787. So far there have been 6 eruptions between 1787 and 2005. The water surrounding this island is considered to be an ideal place for scuba diving as the visibility is crystal clear. Besides, it also offers a chance to study the stone formation and under water lava topography. Dive trips are conducted from Havelock and one can sometimes see the volcano smoking.

North Passage Island

North Passage is a chicken neck shaped island  .It is uninhabited and isolated. Merk Bay is its beautiful beach which is safe for bathing and snorkeling. Since this island does not offer any facilities, it is best to carry your own food and water. It is just an hour ride by boat from Long Island and is about 30 km north east of Havelock. North Passage hasn’t been commercialized much and thus, there aren’t very many visitors who go there.