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Cinque Island: white sands and emerald waters

Cinque Island is a famous destination for eco-tourism. Since this island has a large variety of marine fauna to offer, it was made a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (MGMNP) along with 14 other islands.

This island is surrounded by emerald green waters so clear that one can see right down to the reef at the bottom from about 70 feet above. Furthermore, the healthy and beautiful coral reefs here make it a haven for scuba divers and snorkelers. One can go game-fishing or can simply enjoy the beauty of this totally uninhabited island while lounging on a boat.

Actually a set of 2 islets- North Cinque and South Cinque joined together by a sand bar, this island boasts of an untouched beauty that is mostly unparalleled. Interestingly, the sand bar which connects the two islets gets inundated during high tide.

It is just about a 2 hour boat ride southwards from Chidiya Tapu. A special permission is needed to visit this island and a permission to dive need not necessarily mean that one can get off on the island.

The sandy beaches are pristine and white, and the water is a clear blue-green. On days without a current, the visibility is as good as up to 12-15 meters. Cinque is a must do spot for SCUBA divers. It is thrilling to be able to take in all the colours of the fish and the corals on a dive here. If you’re lucky to get permission to get off on the sandy beach, make the most of the opportunity and take a walk on the beach.

The water on one side is shallow and reflects a beautiful clear aquamarine blue, and on the side of approach, the deeper emerald waters teem with shoals of fish swimming above a lovely reef. There are a few dive shops which can be approached to organize a permit to dive at Cinque.

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