A list of Islands you must absolutely visit!

While planning a trip, one often leaves out a few places due to lack of information or due to time constraints. Andaman and Nicobar are a magical place; every spot here has something beautiful to offer.

Whether it’s the scenery, or the unique flora and fauna or even peace so refreshing for the soul, it would be a shame to miss out on those places. Hence, a list has been compiled for you, to make your choice easier. Do visit as many of these places as you can!

Cinque Island 

Approachable from Chidiyatapu, it is a totally uninhabited island and is a restricted area. Depending on the permit, the boat can anchor short of the beach or you can get off onto the beach.

Snorkeling and scuba diving there should not be missed because the waters around are crystal clear and abound with beautiful corals and a variety of fishes. It is just a 2 hour ride by boat from Chidiyatapu. Chidiyatapu is the southernmost tip of Andaman and is well connected by road to Port Blair. You must absolutely plan a visit here!

Havelock Island

This is the most sought after tourist place. Despite being commercialized, Havelock still has a lovely feel in the atmosphere. Good accommodations at varying rates are available here. There are many dive shops here that you can approach; they may have tie ups with your resort or you can just walk up to any.

Divers are a chilled lot! You can also hire a two wheeler to ride around and explore. Ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports, Havelock is almost like the diving hub of Andaman. Regular ferry services are available from Phoenix bay jetty at Port Blair.

Little Andaman Island

Situated to the south of south Andaman, Little Andaman is known for its beaches at Hut bay and Butler Bay and water falls. It is considered to be a food bowl for Nicobar group of islands. It is also a home to Onge and Nicobarese tribes.

Long Island

 If you love old and quiet places, you absolutely must visit here! It is like travelling back in time with your imagination going wild, and Long Island’s charm is unique.

Neil Island 

A part of Ritchie’s Archipelago, Neil is called the food bowl of Andaman. With an area of less than 19 sq km., one can cycle around this triangular shaped island. If you love rossagollahs, you have to try out the famous ones here! Regular ferry services connect it to Havelock and Port Blair.

North Bay Island

It is just about 20-25 minutes by boat from Aberdeen jetty of Port Blair. This is the main place in Port Blair with facilities available for sea walk, SCUBA and snorkeling. One gets to see beautiful corals and a variety of fish. You should definitely visit and check out the view from atop the lighthouse!

Ross and Smith

About 20 km from Diglipur and 20 minutes by boat from Aerial Bay jetty, this visit promises to be a beautiful and amazing one. With white sands and blue waters, it’s nice to just walk along the beach from Smith to Ross and splash about in the water to work up an appetite for a picnic lunch!

Ross Island

A 15 minute ride by boat from Aberdeen jetty at Port Blair, Ross is yet another well frequented island. This is historically a very important place as this is the island where the British first set up their penal colony. Ross was the residential and administrative center of the British while the prisoners were kept on Viper Island.

It was so tastefully built that it came to be called The Paris of the East. A visit to this island and the sound and light show here is not be missed. If you love the history of the freedom struggles, this visit shall not disappoint!

Rutland Island

This beautiful, remote and non-commercialized island has a rich marine life. Apart from being known for its beaches like Bada Balu, Jahaji beach and Dahi Nallah, it is also a training area for open water divers. Though this island comes under the restricted area category, one can obtain a permit to visit it. SCUBA diving here is a good experience and a must try.

Viper Island

This is where the first jail was built to keep convicts and political prisoners, before the Cellular Jail came up in Port Blair. Later, this island was abandoned. One can see the remains of the first jail and its gallows. It is not frequented by visitors but a boat service is provided depending on the number of people. It’s a 20 minute ride by boat from Phoenix bay jetty at Port Blair.