National Park diaries: a few more to visit

For those of you who want even more, here are some other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are worth a visit. Naturally, the more wildlife and nature enthusiasts have to explore, the happier they are!


Established in 1992, it covers an area of 110 sq km and lies in the Nicobar district. Because of the diverse and rare species it houses, this national park has been made a part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve and separated from Campbell Bay by a 12 km forest buffer zone.

Mostly covered with broad leafed forest trees, this area has also been home to the indigenous Shompen tribe. Some of the dominant species of animals to be found are the long tailed macaques, reticulated pythons, edible nest swiftlets, salt water crocodiles and the great leatherback turtles. Galathia can be only reached by ferry from Port Blair as there is no road connection. The ideal time to visit is from October to April.


It is situated in the Ferrargunj district of Port Blair. Mt. Harriet is known for its exotic scenic beauty. Since it is just an hour’s drive from Port Blair, this national park is the most visited park around the area. It is home to a few species of crabs, wild pigs and turtles. One can look for accommodation at the Forest Guest House. The place is quite easy to reach as there are buses that ply between Ferrargunj and Port Blair.


It is a very secluded and dense park. Among the main attraction are the Andaman Robber crabs. Also found here are the crab eating macaques and Nicobar pigeons.There is no road connection. So, to visit, one has to either take a government helicopter or a boat service from Port Blair. Camping and cabin facilities are available. The ideal time to visit is from March to October.


This national park is spread over an area of about 110 sq km of beautiful and rich waters. In addition to dugongs and dolphins, this park is also home to the Andaman water monitor, lizards and many more. The best time to visit is from December to March. The only way to reach is to take a boat from Long island which is about 60 km away, and also the nearest.


Spread over an area of about 90 km, it lies in the northern part of Andaman Island. It is home to some of the endangered and rare species of flora and fauna of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. One of the main attractions here is the trek of 8 km from the entry point to the peak.

The peak also happens to be the highest point of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and boasts of unmatched scenic beauty. This makes it a popular place among nature lovers and adventurers alike.

So, once you’re done planning, grab your cameras, some rain wear, caps and goodies and head out to explore the islands! Do make sure that besides the necessary permits for all the required places, you have full information about where and how you’re going.