Sights to See: South Andaman

There are quite a few places to visit in South Andaman. You can identify the places which are in close vicinity and plan to visit them the same day. Here are some of the places you might like to check out!

Cellular Jail

This is the structure that once was the identity of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Today, when you take a round here it will remind you of the sufferings and sacrifices of the freedom fighters .The museum it houses and the daily sound and light show operated here are a must watch.

Cellular jail is in Port Blair. One can take local transport like auto rickshaws or a bus to reach this place. It remains open on all days. Jail visiting timings are 9AM -4.45PM. Sound and light show timings are 6pm and 7.15pm ( In Hindi and English both).


Chatham is the tiny island from where Archibald Blair first surveyed the area around to establish a British colony. It is connected to Port Blair by a 100 meter long bridge over a narrow stretch of water. Much later when the British colony came up, they established a saw mill here in 1883 to meet the local requirement of wood.

Today, it is one of the oldest functional saw mills of Asia. It is totally mechanized and visitors can go inside the mill to see how the logs are segregated, cut and treated to add more life to them. This mill was severely damaged during the World War II bombings by the Japanese.

However, it was repaired and revived in 1946 after the British took over Andaman and Nicobar from Japan once again. Today it is a source of employment to 650-700 people. A strict price mechanism is followed for the sale of wood to prevent any black marketing of wood. Export is restricted and mostly the fallen trees are lumbered first to prevent deforestation.

The mill complex also houses a forest museum where articles made of wood are displayed and sold. Interestingly, once inside the mill complex, one can see the tracks of the locomotive which was once used to ferry wood from the warehouses to the mill. Pick up a souvenir to always remind you of this unique old saw mill. A taxi, bus or an auto can be taken to visit this mill.


This is the southernmost tip of South Andaman and the reef here offers beautiful snorkeling opportunities for people. This place is so named because a good number of bird species are found here, making it an ideal place for birdwatchers. The beach here is called Mundapahar beach and is one of the most sought after beaches of South Andaman.

You’ll have to walk for about 1.5 km through a heavily forested area to reach this beach. The place offers eco friendly facilities; there are huts and washrooms here where you can change after a day in the water. Chidiyatapu has some good accommodation and is well connected by road to Port Blair.

Collinpur beach

This beach is about 30 km from Port Blair. State transport buses are available. For the last few kilometers, one has to either trek or take a jeep available there. It is not at all commercialized so one can enjoy the quietness of this undisturbed beautiful beach.

Gandhi Park

Situated in Port Blair, it is built over the area which once had  Dilthaman tank. This tank supplied fresh drinking water to the surrounding area. This park has amusement rides, safe water sports, a garden, a restaurant and remains of a Japanese temple and bunker. Not very sought after, this park is a quiet place. One can sit around or take a walk along its natural trail. Open on all days, it’s a nice place to just sit and unwind.

Marina Park (Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex)

It is situated within Port Blair, very close to Aberdeen Bazaar. Local transport connects Marina Park well to other parts of Port Blair. If you want to try out jet skiing, this is where you should be. Adjacent to it is Fisheries Museum which exhibits species of marine life endemic to the island.

It also houses a memorial of the ‘Battle of Aberdeen’ fought on 10th may 1859 between the British and the Andamanese tribe. Just outside Marina Park, the local people set up a weekend flea market twice a month to sell their artifacts; from home made goodies to everything of everyday need.

Marina Park is best visited just before sunset so that you can enjoy the hues in the sky and enjoy the sunset. As you walk down the path, the city lights on both sides pose a pretty picture; like bright dots against an inky black background. The Park has enclosures for children to play; swings, water activities and a small traffic signal awareness track where you’ll often see kids cycling around.

Mount Harriet

Once the summer headquarters of British chief commissioner, it is a frequented tourist location and considered to be exotic because of its scenic beauty. Situated in Ferrargunj, it is barely one hour’s drive from Port Blair.

Sippighat Farm

It was established under the research and development program of cultivation of CARI. It promotes the cultivation of spices like clove, nutmeg, pepper etc. It is only 14 km from Port Blair and well connected by road.

Wimberley Gunj

It is a small village in Ferrargunj tehsil. It is famous for having a fresh water reservoir and a waterfall deep inside its thick jungle. The approach is beautiful as one has to cross small rivulets and creeks. The water fall is enchanting. One can sit and enjoy the greenery around listening to the sound of the water fall.

This place is completely undisturbed and not common amongst tourists. To visit the water fall one has to leave the vehicle on the road and trek up to the water fall hence it is advisable to take local help. Also, you must carry your own snacks and water. Wimberley Gunj is only 30 km from Port Blair and is well connected by road. Alternately, you can catch a ferry from Chatham and head to Bambooflat; from there buses, autos and jeeps ply at regular intervals.