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Banbury Cotswolds Places to see

Banbury Cotswolds Places to see: If you want to take a visit to Banbury then why wait any longer? As soon as you hear about some of its attractions I guarantee you that you will want to book your trip far earlier then you had planned before. Banbury is a market town that is located in the North part of Oxfordshire.

Banbury Cotswolds Places to see

A few of the nearby towns and cities include Bicester to the south-southeast, Milton Keynes and Northampton to the east, and north of Banbury, the towns of Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Coventry and several more so if you are located near or around any of these parts you will find it much easier to get to.

Banbury ian important commercial center and has quite a large shopping mall that is used by those from the surrounding areas. Banbury is best known for its main industries are car components, electrical goods, plastics, food processing, and printing.

Best Places to visit in Banbury

You will experience many legendary things when you journey down to this Town such as taste the official Banbury Cakes, a special fruit and pastry cake, are still produced. At one time they were being sent as far afield as Australia, India, and America. You will also be in the town that because of its nursery rhyme, ‘Ride a Cock Horse’, has made Banbury one of the best-known towns in England!

There is much to do and see when you visit Banbury such as eat out at a number of Pubs/bars and restaurants (where you will taste a mix of different culture, no restaurant will serve similar food!) plus lunchtime cafes / French-style brasseries and takeaways, all in and around Banbury.

Banbury Places of Interest

There is quite a bit to do if you are interested in the arts and entertainment as Banbury offers some great local tourist attractions / historical places of interest, dining out in one of Banbury’s quality restaurants, enjoying the local music scene, seeing a film at a nearby cinema, or visiting one of the local pubs, bars or cafes.

You will also find it quite easy to travel to as Banbury is an expanding market town experiencing growth as a direct benefit of its closeness to the completed M40 motorway linking London to Birmingham via Oxford giving you more travel options to reaching this fantastic destination.

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