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Bletchley Tourism Bletchley Park,Blue Lagoon, Ikea store, MK Dons

Bletchley Tourism: Bletchley Park, Blue Lagoon Lake, Ikea, MK Dons

Bletchley is a small town near Milton Keynes. Bletchley is best known for Bletchley Park, the headquarters of Britain’s World War II codebreaking organization, now a museum.

Bletchley Main Sights:

Bletchley Park Lake Blue Lagoon Nearby Milton Keynes

Bletchley Park- Home to codebreaking, Bletchley England

During World War II, codebreakers at Bletchley Park decrypted and interpreted messages from a large number of Axis code and cipher systems, including the German Enigma machine. The high-level intelligence produced by Bletchley Park, codenamed Ultra, is frequently credited with aiding the Allied war effort and shortening the war, although Ultra’s effect on the actual outcome of WWII is debated.

Many including Alan Turing (computer guys will know famous Turing Machine) worked here during wartime. Bletchley Park is opposite the Bletchley train station. You can also visit a local nature reserve called Blue Lagoon. Its about 5 minutes walk from the train station.

Recently there has been new commercial activity near Bletchley when new shops opened :

ASDA, George, IKEA

Denbigh North is also home to the new Stadium: MK for Milton Keynes Dons F.C. The Lakes Estate council estate has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe: 59 in every 1,000 girls aged 15-17 have children.

Inside the Bletchley Park

Suggested Itineraries

Bletchley park next to the Bletchley train station

How to get there

Frequent Silverlink Trains from London Euston (45 mins) or train/bus from Milton Keynes (5 mins by train, 30 mins by bus)

Information on getting a train ticket, the train system: England UK Train Travel

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