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Boating Holidays England UK

Boating Holidays If traditional holidays have bored you stiff, then you can try out several new options that promise loads of adventure. From holiday parks to hiking trips, you have a wide array of choices, you should think of checking out the boating holidays in England, UK. Boating holidays are usually a weekend affair unless you opt for a prolonged stay on board to negotiate the rivers, the bends, the canals and the lakes.

Adventure, sightseeing, nature gazing

The best thing about boating holidays in England is that you can combine a bit of adventure on the waterways with sightseeing, nature gazing and also soaking up centuries-old history. You can watch Mother Nature unfold herself and expose her pristine beauty while an ancient cathedral or a castle could be only a short distance away. You can carry a moped or a bike on board to take in the sights during your boating holiday.

England has 3500 miles of waterways consisting of rivers and canals that can be best explored on a narrow boat. Some of the canals make you feel you are driving your car on a bridge as they are like patches coming down the valley. You can also witness wildlife up close while the pure and fresh crystal clear waters make it easy to watch marine ecosystems as well. Boating holidays are being touted as great learning experiences these days.

Boating Holidays England UK

You can check online for some great offers from boating companies which rent out narrow boats and their services are available all over the UK. Families, friends, and groups can take these boats for a trip down some of the most beautiful natural sceneries. There are landscapes that you could have missed while on a road trip and countryside you could not access while passing by in a train.

Boat Ride 100 feet above the Ground

There are places that are also extremely difficult to reach by road in England and they can only be accessed when you are on a boating holiday. It is not also impossible to experience a boat ride 100 feet above the ground. Experience the incredible by sailing along the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct of Llangollen Canal over the Dee Valley, 120 feet above the ground. It is like what I felt as I mentioned earlier about driving a car over a bridge.

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