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Bourton on the water Cotswolds Travel Guide,Motoring Museum,Model Village

Bourton on the water: You will find this place to be amongst one of the most beautiful in the whole of England with its magnificent countryside scenery, the fantastic hills, the picturesque cottages and number of tourist attractions to keep you occupied for hours.

Bourton on the water Cotswolds Travel Guide

You will discover so many things on your visit and find out there is such a variety of things to see! You can begin your magical stay at Bourton on the water by seeing the river Windrush which covers many attractive small roads and footbridges. It is a great place to visit in the hotter months as medieval football can be played amongst friends in the sun whilst you use the river itself as the goal posts.

Sports could not possibly get more fun or more adventurous then this! You will also discover that it is quite a big event as crowds of people gather on the sidelines of the pitch to cheer on their favorite team, so why not join in!

Bourton on the Water Model Village

Another great attraction you will be able to see in Bourton on the water is the model village which is a duplication of the village itself! It was created by some of the top craftsmen in the 1930’s and had its grand opening in 1937 so you will be getting a taste of one of its historical attraction thus giving you a real flavor of this fascinating town. You will also see that this model village is accompanied by an intricately designed model train station that will keep you fascinated for ages.

Bourton on the Water Things To Do

The Cotswold Motoring Museum is another fantastic place to visit on your list when you come down to Bourton on the water. It will give you a deeper background into Gloucestershire’s, culture and history. Whilst you are on the experience of a lifetime, why not go and see the Birdland, an ornithological theme park, which holds a variety of birds from penguins through parrots. Another wildlife delight for the whole family is the dragonfly maze which is not one to be missed!

If you are thinking seriously about taking the trip and want a bit more information on travel then you will find that it is a central place and therefore will be very easy to get to. You can either travel by plane, train or ferry. You can fly into London Heathrow or Gatwick airport which means you are 2 hours away by car. You can also get the Euro star train from Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris links London’s Waterloo International Station and the journey will only take 3 hours.

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