Traditional Brazilian Music Genre

Brazilian music is well known for their rhythm that makes you dance. The music brings out the moves inside you with their beats. Brazilian music is a very mixed combination of European, African and Amerindian cultures. Brazilian music can be traced back to centuries when the influence of modern instruments was nowhere to be found. The variations in Brazilian music was the greatest in the 18th century when it flourished with all the folk music transiting towards modern music forms. Another great change that occurred in Brazilian music was due to the interest of locals and tourists towards beach parties which developed great music festivals in Brazil leading the formation of western pop and rap music to be one of the most famous genres. So, here is the list of the most traditional music genres of Brazil that you must know.


This music genre was originated in the 19th century with the intention to keep a traditional art form alive with a modern construction of rhythm. The choro essentially came to be known and appreciated when a group of artists started producing choro music with single instruments with the addition of some lyrics. The Choro is especially played with three instruments to produce the exact note found in the Choro. These three instruments are a guitar, a flute and a cavaquinho which is essentially a four-stringed instrument used locally. The first-ever Choro officially released was in the year 1878 from Rio De Janeiro.

Carioca funk

This music genre was made for the parties as the name itself portrays parties. This music was developed in the years around the 1970s and the basic note for this genre was collected from a variety of majorly popular genres from western regions and African regions. The Carioca Funk is basically based on the lifestyle in Latin culture mostly showing the side of romance and love. This music was a great boom for European culture.


This music genre is a complex mixture of many different amazing music genres. The Axe got a well-established place among one of the most famous genres in the year 1980 when a group of people compiled various music forms from Africa and the Caribbean. The music name suggests a bright and fresh energy vibration which in fact is very true when you hear this music. This music has been known for bringing a wild flow among the crowd in festivals held in Brazil. The Axe music genre entered in the most popular music list almost immediately, considered the best pop music in the country.


The origins of this Brazilian music genre were found in African traditions and it became one of the most famous music genres in the 1920s. The formation of radio stations in Rio De Janeiro was the leading cause for the music genre to gain fame throughout Brazil. The music genre promotes happy music with lots of dancing beats that are created through multiple instruments. The Samba is especially known for its immediate approach towards the main section of the song with very exciting beats. This music genre is the base for every Brazilian party and festival.


In an early establishment of the 1920s, this music is the most popular music in the southern sections of Brazil. The radio station placed in Rio De Janeiro has placed this music at the most famous music throughout Brazil by allotting the largest time slot for this music genre. The music became very popular in the late 80s and it has been the most loved one since then. The music is happy to beat music developed in the rural backlands of Brazil which were sung during happy times.

Popular Brazilian Music

This music genre from Brazil is commonly known as Brazilian pop music as it is a wide collection of many popular beats and rhythms to create a melody. This music genre consists of great instrumentation along with lyrics to project the meaning of a particular scenario or expression towards a scenario. The popularity of this music genre is widely variant among the age group as you will find 14-year olds enjoying it with a group of 50-year olds.

Bossa nova

This music genre has by far been the most influential music in the history of Brazilian music genres. The music was most heard music in the 50s and it is played on basic instruments like piano and guitar. The base note considered in this music has a rhythm to it which collectively played with these instruments produces a very joyful and dancing music. The music genre has been the most played music throughout Brazil and the name means new trends.


This music genre is the perfect one if you imagine Brazil as a place to party. This music is played in all the parties as it represents an expression of hardships and relaxation together through its notes and beats. The lyrics are very oriented and the beats are very catchy. The lyrics come from the northern Brazil lifestyle and it represents a complete phase of change from dark to bright. This is the basic reason why many people connect with this music.


This lyrical music genre came in the early 60s and created the most uncommon hype among the people of Brazil. The music acted as the inner feelings of many common people which led this music genre to soon become one of the most played genres. The music uses a strong use of words and expression in the music with a varying beat and punch. Apart from Bossa Nova, this is the only music in the 60s that generates huge followings.


The most recent and famous form of music is Rap and it has been a prodigy in the genres of music. Brazil has its own rap section that has been known since the early 80s and it portrays a strong use of vocals and lyrics to represent a wide range of emotions. The songs include lyrics that implement the use of harsh reality and troubles faced by people with a strong sense of message and versatility.


So, these were the best of the traditional music genres in Brazil that you must have known to understand the diversity in the country. We might bet that you must have found one among them to hit the right spot for you.