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Brentwood Essex Travel Guide: Train to London, Hotels, Sugar hut, High street

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Brentwood Essex Travel Guide and Things to do in Brentwood, Essex Brentwood Information: Brentwood Home

Travel to London from Brentwood Accommodation High Street Places to eat Places to see Brentwood is located in Essex County in England. There is also another Brentwood in the US, which is a district in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California. Brentwood is a small affluent town in Essex.

Brentwood Essex Travel Guide

In my opinion, although the town itself is not famous for tourism, there are other places nearby, which are. Remember that England is a small country as compared to the US so when I say nearby, it typically means fast train travel and not car drives.

Brentwood was HQ for Sir Alan Sugar’s company earlier, which now apparently is the Premier Inn hotel. For those who do not know Sir Sugar, he is a self-made millionaire businessman and who is also a famous TV personality on UK version of ‘The Apprentice’. Brentwood is home to British Telecom’s office and also Ford motor company.

Travel to Brentwood form London:

The fastest way to reach Brentwood from London is by train. There are frequent trains (almost one every 20 mins) from London Liverpool street which take you directly to Brentwood train station in about 45 mins.

Accommodation in Brentwood:

Brentwood does not have a large number of hotels. A couple of big ones are Holiday Inn and Premier Inn. Brentwood B& B is just outside of train station.

High Street:

Its only 5 mins walk from the train station. It has the usual UK chains of shops and few hotels. It’s not very long.

Places to eat:

There are few usual eateries on the high street.


Sugar Hut. Period. Best nightclub in Brentwood or indeed the whole of Essex.

Places to see nearby:

London is not too far. Stratford Olympic stadium is also a short train ride away.

Train Travel in EnglandInformation on getting and reading your train ticket, the high speed, and regional train system; a link to training schedules.

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