Canterbury Travel Guide England,Canterbury Cathedral,St. Martin’s Church,St. Augustine Abbey,Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Travel Guide: Canterbury is a famous city in Kent lying at the south-eastern part of England. It is a city that is famous for its cathedral and university.

Canterbury Travel Guide England

In spite of the bombings during World War II, many of its ancient and modern buildings remain tourist attractions. It is also a pilgrimage destination and has been made even more famous by the Canterbury Tales much of which can be found at a museum in the city itself.

Canterbury: Things to do

It was used as a fortress city during the Middle Ages. So if you are interested in a trip to get away from your mundane life and want a destination that will provide you with a mixture of heritage, beauty, and entertainment, then Canterbury is where you need to go. This Canterbury travel guide will answer all your queries starting from where to go right down to how to get there!

Canterbury Travel Guide England

Any travel guide about Canterbury must make a mention of the unique blend of architecture that the city boasts of, whether it is buildings of the Tudor era or those of the 1960s style!

Canterbury Cathedral

The city’s fests and celebrations are often hosted by the lively Dane John Gardens. Mention must also be made of the Canterbury Cathedral, the St. Martin’s Church, the St. Augustine Abbey and the Canterbury Castle all of which are a must watch! The “Medieval Misadventures”, West Gate Museum, Canterbury Roman Museum, Canterbury Computer Gallery of Art and the Sidney Cooper Gallery are the other tourist attractions.

Canterbury Travel Guide England

Also, be sure to take a relaxing boat trip and watch the unique stage shows and performances. If you are a shopaholic you can take refuge at the many shops in the city which will quench your appetite for both big brands and local offerings!

Canterbury England Attractions

Canterbury can be accessed from London by car thanks to the excellent roads and highways. The two train stations make it easy for tourists to get to the city by regular trains that connect it to other parts.

Canterbury Travel Guide England

Moreover, you can also access the city through coaches. Once inside the city, you can avail of the regular bus services or opt for taxis, both of which are easily available. If you are a cyclist you can be self-sufficient and even your own feet can take you around this city!

If you are in Canterbury, you need not bother about suffering from hunger. Food joints of all kinds that offer a wide range of prices to suit your pocket together with delicious food to please your taste buds are available.

Restaurants Canterbury England

You can try out the Old Weavers Restaurant, the Goods Shed, Thomas Becket, Boho Café Bar, the Ancient Raj or Bangkok House. A large number of pubs in the city, including the New Inn, the Parrot, the Works, Caseys, Alberry’s, etc, can also quench your thirst!

Canterbury Travel Guide England

You can make your choice between the Swallow Chaucer Hotel, Art House, Ebury Hotel or the Canterbury Youth Hostel, depending on your requirements and budget.

Tourists with religious inclination will find Canterbury interesting. Even normal tourists will enjoy a day out here.

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