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Castle Bailey was very much in use back in the 10th to 12th centuries. In fact, they were called Motte and Bailey together as the two provided for maximum security for a castle. A castle is actually a manner which is fortified to give optimum protection to the inmates. This kind of architecture was introduced by the Normans.

The castle is built on a raised platform which is called the motte. The bailey is a courtyard which is encircled by the fence for protection as well as gives an overview of the workers who used to work in the castle. This is because it housed a lot of workers as well. A few examples of this type of castle are Fotheringhay Castle, Nottingham Castle, Arundel Castle and Warwick Castle.

Why were Motte and Bailey Castles Built

The earliest Motte and Bailey castles were made of wood. The first one was built in the year 990 in France. It is needless to point out the fact that the Normans brought this type of a design and established in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Castle Bailey kept a vigilant eye on the slightest suspicion.

Then mention may be made of the Elizabethan period when no castles were built. Yes, it is hard to believe that the glorious age of the Virgin Queen does not speak much of architecture. But it relied on the structural design of Normans and Medieval castles. The Gothic style was taking over construction mostly.

Castle Bailey England

However, the intelligence of was the key feature of architecture. The Elizabethan castle focused on comfort and luxury mainly. People could build private castles with the permission from the monarch. Some of the famous castles built during this period are Burghley House and Hardwick Hall. This is what makes the age of Elizabeth so very remarkable.

Basically, Bailey was a castle which was very carefully built and today these castles serve as a major tourist attraction in the whole of United Kingdom. This is for sure that if you are touring any part of this historic empire, then do make a trip to at least one of these castles. Castle Bailey is a wonderful experience of a lifetime.

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