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Chipping Norton Cotswolds Travel Places to see,mediaeval Guildhall,quaint back lanes,beautiful Georgian houses

Chipping Norton is right in the middle of a place that has an outstanding natural beauty and has preserved much of its history, culture and real identity meaning this gorgeous town has been left untouched so when you go to visit Chipping Norton you are in for an amazing treat. If you want to explore beyond the realms of Norton then you have no need to worry as it is a perfect base for touring the beautiful North Oxfordshire Cotswolds!

Chipping Norton

You are really in a central location when you visit Chipping Norton and can be guaranteed to be surrounded by breathtaking sceneries that will have you mesmerized for hours on end as you gaze on to the rolling hills and idyllic limestone villages. You can go to plenty of countries walks on mild days where you will see the wonderful countryside first hand and get a Beautiful walking and cycling country experience with your family.

And you do not need to worry about the hassle of bringing a car on this holiday or hiring out rent cars as there is a brilliant bus service between places such as Oxford and Stratford plus as they are so close it means you will get there in 20 miles! Also, places like Chastleton House, Broughton Castle, Blenheim Palace and Rousham are even closer.

Whether you choose to stay in Chipping Norton or to explore its surroundings you can be sure that the town itself will give you a lively break and some amazing experiences that could not be had anywhere else in the country. There is much to see and do with a great theatre providing brilliant entertainment, fantastic new Leisure Centre, bookshops, art galleries, a museum and antique shops.

Chipping Norton Restaurants

There is also a selection of excellent food and local ales in over twenty pubs and restaurants. Whenever you visit a town in England you must remember the tradition of finding a classic Chippy and then you can find a park or river and sit by whilst you eat your fish and chips on the grass in the hazy sun.

Beautiful Georgian houses

You will also discover that Chipping Norton has one of the finest Parish Churches in the County, a medieval Guildhall, some quaint back lanes and beautiful Georgian houses.

Travel information on the internet will give you all the details of exactly where to go and what to do in order to get to Chipping Norton. You can either travel by plane, train or ferry. You can fly in from London Heathrow or Gatwick airport which means you are 2 hours away by car.

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