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Christies Auction House

Christies Auction House: Christie’s is a name of a place where arts, jewelry, photography, furniture, antiques, wine and other things are sold. It also has paintings, books, manuscripts and much more. The art business has been named after its founder, James Christie. He opened the place after making the first sale in London in 1766. Christie’s is now owned by Groupe Artémis.

Christie’s South Kensington

Christie’s is not only the oldest art auctioneer in the world but also regarded as the largest art business. Christie’s specializes in modern art, contemporary, old masters etc.

Christie’s has salesroom in many countries. In London itself, it has two- one at King Street and the other at South Kensington.

Christie’s King Street

The salesroom at King Street headquarters of the art business and was established in 1823. Christie’s has remained popular till date for conducting some of the greatest auctions during the 18th, 19th and the 20th century.

Christies Auction House

Apart from the art business, Christie’s also offers courses pertaining to arts. It has many established many colleges all over the world. Christie’s has a college in London which offers students courses in the field of fine arts. It also provides its customers’ services which help them protecting their antiques and fine arts. These services are provided through Christies Fine Art Storage Service.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Christie’s are-

1.Green Park Tube Station
2.Piccadilly Circus Tube Station

1.Address & Postcode:- 8 King Street, St Jame’s London SW1Y 6QT

a.Phone:- +44 (0) 20 7839 9060
b. Website:-

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