Cirencester Cotswolds Places to see

Cirencester Cotswolds Places to see,Royal Agricultural College,Corinium Museum

Cirencester is a fantastic market town that is located within the east part of Gloucestershire, England on 93 miles away from North London and is one of the biggest towns in the Cotswolds District! There is the Royal Agricultural College there which is one of England’s oldest agricultures colleges as it was built in 1840.

Corinium Museum

Cirencester holds the finest Corinium Museum which has a large and far-reaching Roman collection which will have your mind fascinated for hours as your learn heaps about the Romans and Ancient Britain. Another fascinating fact about this town is that it is twinned with Itzehoe, Germany!

If you want to visit Cirencester you will get a chance to see the amazing dip slopes of the Cotswold Hills which is a fantastic tourist attraction as it looks so picturesque no matter what time of year you go therein. You will also come across the towns natural drainage called the River Churn which flows through the south to the east side of the town.

Cirencester Things to Do

As for transport in and around the town, Cirencester is the centre of a significant road network with important routes to Gloucester (A417), Cheltenham (A435), Warwick (A429), Oxford (A40 via the B4425 road), Wantage (A417), Swindon (A419), Chippenham (A429), Bristol and Bath (A433), and Stroud (A419) so if you choose to travel by car or bus you can be guaranteed to be connected to many landmarks and favorite places in Britain as it is connected to several places you will be spoilt for choice!

Cirencester Cotswolds Places to see

The town has a very reliable transport link that will allow you to access its main railway system which is called Kemble railway station which goes directly to London (Paddington) and where you can also find the nearest airports which are Bristol, Kemble Airfield, London (Heathrow) and Birmingham.

Cirencester Cotswolds Places

There will be lots to do and see at the wonderful town of Cirencester as when you arrive you will be greeted by the breathtaking grounds, lake, wildfowl, trees and greenery for man impressive pastoral centerpiece, inviting restful meditation of the general town scene.

Cirencester Cotswolds Places to see

There are also quite a few antique shops, pubs and restaurants that will give you plenty to do in the evenings and ensure you have an amazing holiday no matter who you are with or what you are doing.

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