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Cleopatras Needle

Cleopatras Needle in London is one of the 3 ancient Egyptian obelisks. The other two are situated in Paris and New York respectively. In London, the Cleopatra’s Needle is built in the City of Westminster.

Height and Dimensions

An obelisk can be explained as a tall monument having four sides with its top looking like a pyramid. The needle is about 21 meters high and weighs approximately 180 tons. The Cleopatra’s Needle is believed to have been originally made during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III in Heliopolis.

However, it was re-erected during the 19th century and the re-erected three structures are now situated in London, Paris and New York. In London, the re-erected obelisk was erected on Victoria Embankment.

Cleopatras Needle Facts 

The new structure is built using red granite. The obelisk has two sphinxes cast made from bronze and has hieroglyphic inscriptions. You can search the internet for Cleopatra’s Needle translation of a full text.

Nearest Tube Stations to reach Cleopatra’s Needle are-

1.Embankment Underground Station
2.Charring Cross Tube Station
3.Temple Tube Station

Address & Postcode:- Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 6, UK

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