Cotswolds England Travel Guide

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Cotswolds England Travel Guide: The Cotswolds is a group of hills situated in the western parts of England and is occasionally known as the heard of England simply because its outstanding natural beauty still never fails to astound those who come across it. The highest point of Cotswolds England is at Cleeve hill which reaches an amazing height of 1,083 ft.


if you are wondering where its interesting and unique name comes from, then if you take a look at the meaning it is quite self-explanatory as Cotswold means either “sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides” or it comes from the term “wold” which means hills.

Chipping Campden Cotswolds Travel

The countries that Cotswolds in England covers are mainly Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, but extend into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.

You could definitely spend a weekend to a good few weeks in this wonderful yet quite secretive part of England as there is such a variety of things to do it will take you quite a while to see and do all of the things that this town has to offer. Not only can you go on a tour of Cotswolds- England but you can also go for plenty of outdoor activities and spend most of your time dazzled by the famous, wonderful ancient villages.

Cotswolds England Travel Guide

Cotswolds offers you countryside hiking walks, Way Walk from Chipping Campden to the City of Bath which is a must do if you are planning to visit for a holiday. You will also have the change to do Golf, Fishing, Horse Riding, Ballooning, Gliding, Motor Sport, Cycling, Pottery Making and much more!

Cotswolds England Travel Guide

You may not know what is in store when you visit Cotswolds in England but what you do know is that you will never be bored and you will never stop having things to do! Recently a magazine has even put Cotswolds on the number two spot out of Fine Living Top 10: Paradises on Earth! Here’s what the magazine had to say: If it’s good enough for the bevy of British celebrities who descend on this paradise on earth every weekend, it’s certainly good enough for you.

Ferry Services

So if that isn’t enough to make you want to visit this wonderful part of England it is also great to know that it is easy to get to and easy to travel to different places you are there. According to Cotswolds England Travel Guide, Cotswolds is easy to reach from Europe with ferry services via Hull, Felixstowe, Harwich, Holyhead, and Pembroke.

Cotswolds England Travel Guide

You can also get the Euro star train from Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris links London’s Waterloo International Station and the journey will only take 3 hours!

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