Rent a property

How to Rent a property, apartment, house in England UK

How to Rent a property, apartment, house in England UK

In case you want to stay in the UK for a longer duration or are migrating, it may be cheaper to rent a property. These are some notes that will be helpful to you.

How to Rent a property

Find an Estate Agent

Talk to your colleagues/locals, search the Internet and get Agents list. It is necessary to contact Agents having good past records. You may not able to recognize that unless you interact with them or get feedback from your friends.

Rent a property

It is always safer to rent a flat/house through a well-known agent. Even if you see an advertisement in the paper, please make sure that it is a reliable person. There are incidents where the advertiser takes deposit money from a number of people for the same flat (not common, but have seen this happening)


Identify areas where you prefer to stay. For this, you need to have a view of the locations. Ask for a local map for the same.

If that happens to be near the city center or any such strategic location, then the rents are likely to be high. Generally speaking, Council Areas are not very safe.


Once you approach the agent, you must state the areas of your preference, but also seek some advice from them. Most of the agents are available on Saturday to show the property. Some work even after office hours. But in general, they work between 9am-5pm.


You must make up your mind about whether you need an Unfurnished or Furnished house. Typically unfurnished house comes at least with White Goods (Fridge, Gas, and Washing Machine).
Some people prefer unfurnished property. Some basic items such as Crockery, beds, cupboards then need to be bought from the local shops. If you are in the UK for a shorter duration, consider buying a previously owned furniture. Local newspapers and eBay are good starting points.

When you leave the country, you can donate to institutions like ‘Age Concern’. They will usually collect your furniture free of charge for charity – of course, they will not pay you for the furniture, but you will be contributing to a good cause.

Landlord Checklist for Renting a House

In case of a furnished house, one needs to still buy some basic things such as duvets, TV, crockery (especially if you do not prefer to use landlord’s crockery). Obviously furnished houses are costlier than the unfurnished ones. For a three bed house with full furnishing, the rent will be in the range of £650 -£800 depending on the area (outside London). The unfurnished ones will be £50-£150 cheaper, again depending on the area.

You may keep in mind proximity to schools (for kids), surgery, office, local market, neighbors (there are some areas in every city/town which one must not venture into). However, everyone will recognize that not all factors may get fulfilled in all cases.

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