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England Holiday Tradition: With festivals and holiday traditions being many centuries old in England, UK, there is no dearth of options this winter or throughout the year. You can even take your pick for every season or month as there is something special all year round. And the traditions are unique in every village and hamlet or town in England providing the tourist with a rich and diverse experience.

England Holiday Traditions

There are separate costumes for each of them and for holidaying this season, prepare well in advance.

Begins with Twelfth Night

Beginning with New Year’s Day on the 1st of January, the Holiday Traditions in England are showcased throughout the year. By the 5th of January, when the day is celebrated as the Twelfth Night, all Christmas decorations have to be removed and the pasting peeled off to ward off bad luck for the rest of the year. If it is not done, they have to stay on for the year.

On the 1st of February, it is Candlemas Day and on the 14th, it is Valentine’s Day known for lovers meetings and the special day to be with your beloved.

All the national days in England are celebrated in the same way as they are in other countries with an English speaking population. On the 17th day of March, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the same way as it is done in many parts of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland itself. If you are looking for national holidays, St Patrick’s Day, along with St Andrew’s Day in Scotland is regarded as official holidays in the UK since 2007.

Wales and Scotland

As St David is the national patron of Wales, the 1st day of March is celebrated and regarded as a national day of Wales. The national day of England is St George’s day, which is regarded as a patron saint of England and it is celebrated on the 23rd of April.

The story of St George dates back to the 6th century when the patron saint rescued a maiden after slaying a fearsome dragon. His name was the battle cry for Knights in England who fought under the saint’s Red Cross banner in the hundred year’s war from 1338 to 1453.

The National festival of England

On the 30th day of November, St Andrew’s Day is celebrated in memory of the patron saint of Scotland. The saint’s name also finds a pride of place on the Scottish flag. It is a memorable holiday in Scotland in the name of the saint and the Scottish flag also carries the cross on which the saint was said to be crucified.

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