england budget travel guide

england budget travel guide, tips and tricks for cheap travel

England budget travel guide: Many would find England to be expensive than many other countries in Europe. Especially travel and hotels. Here are some tips that will save you some money.

England Budget Travel Guide

Travel from the airport by Train or Coach/Bus:

Taxis are the very expensive way to travel from the airport. Best to take train / national express coach from the airport to your destination. All airports in London are reasonably well connected by train/bus.

Stay in a B&B rather than a hotel:

Hotels tend to be more expensive than B&Bs.

Stay away from Central London hotels:

London has a good tube/metro transport system. So even if you stay outside Zone 1&2, you can still reach central London in few minutes. Staying away would be cheaper.

england budget travel guide

Book travel in advance:

As a thumb rule, train / low-cost airline/bus tickets bought at last minute would be more expensive. See my Travel Planning Tips.

Travel at off-peak times:

As a thumb rule traveling towards London in the morning is more expensive. Look out for fares at slightly later times. Consider buying one of the train passes.

Change money in your own country:

Typically this would be cheaper than changing in England.

Buy camcorder mini DV tapes and spare batteries from your country:

I have seen these to be more expensive in England. E.g. I chose to buy a Sony battery in the USA for USD 59, it was costing USD 75 in the UK.

Buy electronic items like camcorders, digital cameras from your own country:

Again these are more expensive in the UK. However, travelers can claim back VAT (17.5 %) while leaving the country, avoid the hassle. UK records and watches PAL type video format.

Get a converter plug/voltage transformer from your country:

The UK uses 3 square pins sockets and 220 volts.

Buy a pass if you want to visit multiple attractions:

Consider buying one of the attractions passes.

england budget travel guide

Choose Your London Travelcard:

Study what zones you are traveling in if you have chosen to stay in central London and planning to go to attractions there, the only zone 1 tube pass may suffice. If you find later than you want to go out, you can buy extensions – it may be slightly costly in that case.

Traveling by Train in England and LondonInformation on getting and reading your train ticket, the high speed, and regional train system; a link to training schedules.

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