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English Garden München (Munich),address,how to go there

English Garden München: From early morning till late in the night the park is filled with joggers, horse-back-riders, bikers, baby carriages, dogs, and lovers. Especially on sunny days, the southern part of the garden is full of life: sunbathers make themselves comfortable on the meadows alongside the brook, the “Eisbach”, or refresh themselves by taking a short swim.

In the south, surfers train on – and in – the cold water. One can watch the lively scene of musicians, ice-cream-sellers, ball- or frisbee players, Brazilian Capoeira dancers and jugglers on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or on a Rickshaw-tour.

English Garden München Beer Garden

The small round temple “Monopterus” stands out. Further to the north one can enjoy a “Maß” Bavarian beer to the sound of a brass band with tourists and inhabitants beneath the Chinese tower. Those who prefer a more elegant atmosphere, can visit the beer-garden at the “Seehaus” or feed the swans, geese, and ducks from a rowing boat.

The northern part of the English garden is more peaceful with better possibilities for those who prefer to simply take a quiet walk or to relax upon the grass.

How to get there 

U3 any stop between Odeonsplatz and Münchner Freiheit or
U6 any stop between Odeonsplatz and Studentenstadt
or Bus 44, 53, 54, 154.

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