farnborough air show

Farnborough Air Show

The Farnborough Air Show is one of the world’s greatest shows of aerodynamical strength and sophistication. It is an iconic global event which serves as a platform for global trade in aircraft technology. The Farnborough Air Show takes place over a period of seven days, once every two years (biennially).

The first five days of the air show consists of ‘trade days’ where potential buyers set up orders for equipment they are interested in. The remaining two days are set up as ‘exhibition days’ that are open to the public. Exhibitions are held in exhibition halls as well as in the form of aerial displays.

farnborough air show

History of Farnborough Air Show

The Farnborough Air Show finds its origins in the annual air show at Hendon, a London suburb. This annual air show was organized by the Society of British Aerospace Companies and continued through 1920-1937. It was discontinued during the world war.

It was restarted in 1946. It was only in 1948 that the air show shifted to Farnborough and until 1962 it was an annual event. The event takes place alternative with the France Air Show and in the same year as the Berlin Air Show. In 1996 Farnborough Air Show established its own official radio station which is managed and run by the students and of the Farnborough College of Technology.

farnborough air show

Farnborough 2010

In 2010 the air show has been scheduled between 19th and 25th July. Apart from the normal exhibitions, the air show is to be connected with seminar programs and buyer-seller workshops

Farnborough 2008

Farnborough 2008 was a major success with 153000 visitors coming to see 165 aircraft on display. In the end, Farnborough declared that orders worth a staggering $89 billion had been placed at the air show.

2008 marked the diamond anniversary of the air show as Farnborough completed 60 successful years. Incidentally, it also marked the 100th anniversary of Samuel Franklin Cody making the first powered flight from Farnborough Airfield.

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