Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Museum: Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 to a very wealthy couple. Her name comes from the Florence city in Italy where she was born. Florence was a nurse by profession at the time when society considered it to be a career unsuitable for women. Today, she is regarded as the founder of modern nursing.

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence is known even today for her work during the Crimean war period when she along with her staff attended to the wounded soldiers. She was also responsible for creating awareness about hygiene and thereby reducing the number of deaths of the soldiers.

Florence Nightingale Museum

She is even called the ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ as she would take rounds of the hospital at night to check upon the patients. In 1860, Florence established a nursing school at St.

Florence Nightingale Facts

Thomas’ Hospital in London. The hospital is now known as the Florence Nightingale School of Nursery and Midwifery. It is also a part of King’s College. Florence Nightingale died in 1910.

Florence Nightingale Museum was established in 1982 at St. Thomas’ Hospital as a mark of honor and respect for the work done by Florence Nightingale, especially during the Crimean war. The museum enables the visitors to get a glimpse of her life from her childhood and until her later years.

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Lamp

One of the most popular collections at the museum is Athena, the pet owl of Florence. Apart from that, the museum also houses the famous lamp which she carried with her during her night rounds. Other collections include the writing slate used by Florence during her childhood, her medicine chest, and even a register kept by her which included the names of the women who assisted her in her work.

If you want to visit the museum then the nearest tube stations are-

1.Waterloo Tube Station
2.Lambeth North Tube Station

1.Address & Postcode:- 2 Lambeth Palace Road London SE1 7EW UK

a.Phone:- +44(0) 20 7620 0374
b.Website:- http://www.florence-nightingale.co.uk


Daily 10.00am- 5.00pm

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