Schlosshotel Bensberg

10 Magnificent Castle Hotels in Germany

On your visit to Germany, you can find over twenty thousand castles sitting atop spectacular landscapes, overlooking the River Rhine. The abundance of Germany’s castles are a result of the geographical split that occurred due to numerous wars and battles. The castles are typically

located in the isolated countryside and are rich in history. Additionally, they have a certain enchanting air about them — after all, the Brothers Grimm chose to set their infamous fairytales in these dreamy buildings. While these architectural beauties are wonderful to gaze at, tourists

also have the option of booking a room, as many of them have been converted into hotels. If you desire the royal treatment, look into these 10 irresistible castle hotels with affordable prices. The next time you visit Germany, remember that there is more to it then Octoberfest and bratwurst!


1. Hotel Schönburg

Dating back to the 12th century, this majestic castle lines the banks of the River Rhine and functioned as a trading route for mariners back in the day. By the 17th century, Schönburg was central to battles and was eventually burned down by the French. It was consequently restored

and converted into a hotel. Today, it boasts picturesque views of the river and is a treat for tourists who are looking to explore vineyards and castles by the countryside. Furthermore, the castle is home to a fabulous restaurant and has 25 luxurious rooms for its guests.

Hotel Schönburg
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2. Burg Colmberg

Castle Colmberg offers a divine Franconian menu which pairs well with a view of the same. Its view of the Franconian land was seen as a powerful asset during medieval feuds. The castle has been in existence for thousands of years and became the headquarters of the Bavarian Kingdom

in the 19th century. Soon after, it was taken over by the last imperial head of Japan. It is home to a historic chapel composed of vintage intricacies, a sight for sore eyes. If you and your friends are enthusiastic trekkers, Castle Colmberg is a good starting point — from here you can visit the

quaint towns of Dinkelsbuhl, Rotherburg, and Feuchtwangen.

Burg Colmberg
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3. Schlosshotel Landsberg

Built in the 19th century, Hotel Schloss Landsberg sports Gothic architecture and is a feast for the eyes. The castle is equipped with rosy stained glass windows, an observational tower and four-poster beds—all of which attributes a dreamlike quality to this structure. It is said that the owner’s

connections to the British monarchy had a significant influence on the style of Schloss Landsberg. Furthermore, this castle overlooks the Thuringian countryside and is perfect for exploring the area by foot.

Schlosshotel Landsberg

4. Schlosshotel Grausig

This breathtaking castle was constructed in 1245, however, the architecture is a reflection of Palladian design—since Colonial Neitschitz and his wife Ursula acquired the palace in the 18th century. The estate largely consists of picturesque lakes, manicured shrubbery, and walkways

that frame the castle allowing it to mimic paintings. The castle has 16 guest bedrooms/suites, a huge dining room, titled the ‘Hall of Mirrors’, a chapel, lounges and study rooms equipped with antique desks. Interestingly enough, some of the hotel’s bathrooms are freestanding originals

since the 18th century. This is an ideal getaway for you and your significant other!


5. Schlosshotel Münchhausen:

This hotel is a restored legacy of Weser Renaissance which combined rustic charm with Old World elegance. Münchhausen has eight acres of well-manicured gardens and golf courses. Bold statues decorate the hotel’s exterior and its gardens. Guests have access to a total of 66

rooms, including 10 suites. There are a plethora of decorative items to admire — original artwork, furniture. chandeliers, fireplaces, etc. The castle also has an indoor pool, conference and banquet rooms, gourmet dining and modern amenities.

Schlosshotel Münchhausen

6. Schlosshotel Lerbach

Located near Cologne, Lerbach is considered one of Germany’s most luxurious hotels. The castle is situated in the middle of a private park/garden complex and offers almost all 5-star amenities one can possibly wish for. Schloss Lerbach is equipped with over 200 rooms, including

spaces for banquets, meetings, and smaller receptions. Furthermore, it is home to a gourmet restaurant, ‘Dieter Muller’ which ranks in the countries top five places to dine. Above all, this hotel is known for its spectacular service — all clients are given individual attention and the staff is

dedicated towards the maintenance of the hotel’s grand premises.


7. Schlosshotel Büllerhöhe

Situated on a high promontory in the Black Forest, this hotel has panoramic views of the Rhine River and France’s Voges Mountains. An outdoor dining area with woodland animal sculptures is connected to the facade. The castle’s exteriors caches the opulent neo-classical interior.

Büllerhöhe has 45 massive guest rooms/suites and several wings of the building house extensive living spaces, including — an Espresso Lounge and quiet reading rooms. Additionally, it also offers tourists a spa, an indoor swimming pool, and a fitness center. If you’re willing to shell out a

a little extra, this royal staycation is worth every penny!


8. Schlosshotel Bensberg

Schloss Bensberg is a leading world hotel — its extensive wings and registers attributes a positively palatial feel. The pristine white and grey exterior combines neoclassical and rococo designs which match the interior’s cream/beige/white/gold/black palette. The spacious rooms in

this castle are fitted with marble, crystal, lead glass, gold fixtures, floral bouquets, and fine porcelain. Bensberg has a total of 120 rooms, including suites that are spacious, luxuriously furnished and are linked to a large marble bathroom.

Schlosshotel Bensberg
Schlosshotel Bensberg ©/Manuel Vay/Flickr

9. Schlosshotel Waldeck

Built in the 11th century, the grand Schloss Waldeck is propped high above Edersee Lake. This castle was the ancestral home and residence of the Counts of Waldeck and gained its hotel status in 1920 after it was inherited by Waldeckische Domanialverwaltung. The mighty old castle

walls have a contemporary feel and the interiors are elegantly lit. The former ‘Glücks” fountain (old cistern) glows brightly blush and the reception seems to be afloat. The castle’s rooms are comfortably equipped with all the necessary amenities including — bath/shower and toilet,

minibar, and modern multimedia systems.


10. Schlosshotel Kronberg

Kornberg Castle is located at the heart of Taunus, a part of Germany that is known for its scenic mountains and lush green forests. Interestingly, health and well-being are the focal points of this hotel. The hotel is equipped with a manicured 18-hole golf course and offers beauty packages to

its guests and clients. If you feel like exploring beyond the castle walls, venture to the town of Taunus, which will sweep you away with its vintage charm. Walk along streets filled with timbered houses and pick from one of many restaurants to grab a quick bite!

Schlosshotel Kronberg
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