Europa Park

6 Best Amusement Parks in Germany

Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and WW2 history, Germany is also home to some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery, fairytale castles, important historic sites, and lively party scenes. Located in the heart of Europe, this country maintains the continent’s most powerful economy.

You might be marveling at Munich’s magnificent baroque palaces one day, and wandering around Hamburg’s trendy redeveloped HafenCity the next. Meanwhile, in hip Berlin, historic sites like the Brandenburg Gate, blend effortlessly with contemporary galleries. If you’re traveling with family

and need a dose of adrenaline, check out these thrilling amusement parks in Germany!


1. Europa Park

Rollercoasters, carousels, and swing-boats — Europa Park near Freiburg is Germany’s biggest amusement park and you’ll probably need a map to guide you around. There are more than 100 different attractions here, including 11 rollercoasters! One of the attraction is the Dome of

Dreams, a multimedia 360 degrees cinema which screens a range of films. There’s a good reason for calling this place Europe Park: Russia, Greece, Iceland, and many other European countries are represented here. Each country has its own special attraction. In Spain, for

example, you can enjoy a show called, ‘The Return of the Black Night’.  In fact, there’s so much to see and do, you can’t see it all in one day. We recommend starting at the back of the park as the lines are shorter there, as opposed to the front.

Europa Park
Europa Park©/Sonia Bayod Farre/Flickr

2. Phastasialand

Located in Brüle Germany, Phantasialand is a favorite amongst youngsters across the country. This is a smaller park, only about 69 acres, but this place packs in plenty of fun! The amusement park has some of the best themes and the creators were very purposeful with how they built the

rides.The specific land that most people think of when talking about Phantasialand is Klhugheim. This land is medieval themed — everywhere you look there is something wondrous and everything is intertwined! The rollercoaster runs around the entire land and the level of detail is

phenomenal. Africa is another immersive area and feels like a small village. As you go from one land to the next, you can immediately tell what part of the park you’re in. All of the architecture is easily identifiable. Step back in time and travel through continents at Phantasialand. If you’re a

theme park enthusiast, this is a must visit for you!

Phastasialand© /St Boniface’s Catholic College, Plymouth/Flickr

3. Hansapark

Hansa Park is a seasonal theme park, located off the Baltic Sea, in Sierksdorf Germany. The park is home to a wide variety of attractions and caters to all types of audiences. Families can experience many of the smaller scale rides, while thrill seekers get the chance to ride some of

Germany’s, and even Europe’s tallest roller coasters. In 2015, Hansapark constructed and debuted what is now its main attraction, Der Schwur des Kärnan, or Karnan’s Oath. The ride is 73 m high, placing it in the ‘hyper coaster’ category. The incredible height of the ride is hidden

within the attraction’s huge tower, which resembles the real medieval tower to which its theme is based. Karnan features a fast-paced, snappy and unique layout, complemented by fantastic theming and several surprising elements. Der Schwur des Kärnan quickly became one of

Europe’s best roller coasters and attracts several visitors every year.

Hansapark©/Christian Köster/Flickr

4.  Legoland

Legoland Deutschland opened its doors on May 17th, 2002, in Günzburg, Germany, where it welcomed 1.35 million visitors! It is 43.5 hectares in area and is one of Germany’s most popular theme parks. Today, the park features 8 ‘adventure worlds’ with 50 attractions and 55 million

Lego bricks. Germany’s Legoland is also home to the world’s largest lego building, representing Munich’s Allianz Arena and weights a total of 1.5 tons. Overall, this theme park has a large family-focus. There are baby changing rooms everywhere and strollers are available to rent.

Furthermore, the park has toddler-friendly play areas next to the popular ‘big kids’ rides. If you’re traveling with young ones, this is a great place to bring them to!

Legoland Deutschland
Legoland Deutschland ©/Ramiro T. Argentona/Flickr

5. Holiday Park

Located at Haßloch, Holiday Parks has more than a million visitors each year. The Free Fall Tower was the first amusement ride of its kind in Europe and is still one of the most popular rides at the park. Thrill seekers come from afar just to hide the Expedition GeForce, an incredible,

intimate mega coaster that travels up to 75mph. The park’s newest ride is Scream Sky. This action-packed catapult roller coaster shoots the train from the station, passes perpendicularly into the air and rolls headlong into slow motion. Holiday Park is one of the amusement parks in

Europe that most closely resembles an American amusement Park. Most parks in Europe are very elaborately themed and that isn’t the case with Holiday Park. At times, you’ll feel like you’re walking through a forest as Holiday Park is surrounded by trees, it is part woodland in a sense.

Most of the staff and management are very kind and helpful. Are you ready to get your blood pumping?

Expedition Ge Force
Expedition Ge Force©/Matthew Wells/Flickr

6.  Filmpark Babelsberg

The Babelsberg Film Park is a seasonal theme park in Potsdam’s Babelsberg district. The theme park has over 20 film-specific attractions, four shows, a 4D and XD cinema, original scenes and exhibition areas on film and film craft. The film park is part of the media city of Babelsberg and is

located next to the Filmstudio Babelsberg, the oldest studio in the world and the largest film studio complex in Europe. In total, there are about 3000 films and TV shows that were made in Studio Babelsberg. After reunification, a “film and TV experience” was opened on the Babelsberg

studio grounds in 1991. Initially, typical film workstations, parts of the prop fund and some outdoor decorations were shown to introduce the visitors to the world of film. In 1993, based on theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood, the studio tour and the first stunt show

started. Today, visitors can experience daily live stunt shows under the open sky. Take a peek into spectacular cinematic crafts with a visit of Filmpark!