Schloss Schochwitz Castle

Castles for Sale in Germany-Ones You Can Actually Buy

As a child, we have often been enchanted by folktales of kings and queens living in tall stone castles. Many of us have even lived up to your dream by spending a night or two in the luxurious castle hotels. But, can you actually own one?

While it will remain a lifelong dream for many, in Germany it is quite possible.

Amidst the beautiful landscapes, mountainous terrains and spectacular views there are many castles in Germany that are fully habitable and are for sale. Yes, you heard it right. In Germany, there are castles which you can actually buy.

An Old Medieval German Castle
An Old Medieval German Castle

The Rheinburg Castle in Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The impressive Rheinburg Castle is a living example of grandeur and opulence. The property is estimated to spread across an area of 1.294 acres of land and gives a spectacular view of the river Rhine. It consists of 5 spacious bedrooms with 5 attached bathrooms.

The castle has been remodeled several times to keep up with the changing times. The entrance hall leads to an open fireplace made of red sandstone.

The living room is on the ground floor and is a 95-square meter long perfect for hosting a lavish dinner party or a conference meeting.

The attic can be used for multiple purposes. It can be converted into a study room or a photography studio.

On the basement, there are rooms for staff accommodation and offices. There is also an outdoor courtyard has a swimming pool and space for an open barbeque.

The Castle-like villa is in quite a good condition and costs around €6,384,000.

Rheinberg Castle
Rheinberg Castle

The HohenBocka Château in Brandenburg

The 600 years old HohenBocka Château rests amidst a 7-hectare land of beautiful forested parkland.

The castle is very close to the Lausitzer Seenland lake district where you can go out for a quick dive in the serene waters of the lake anytime.

The fairytale castle is a collection of five buildings and is equipped with 21 luxurious bedrooms each with attached bathrooms and 10 partial bathrooms.

The rooms are quite spacious and fully furnished with royal fittings. The castle has all the modern amenities like a library, restaurant, jacuzzi, banquet hall, sauna, and a commercial kitchen.

The offer price of the castle is only available upon request.

HohenBocka Château
HohenBocka Château | © 2013–2019 WARUM WIR DEUTSCHLAND MÖGEN

Gothic Castle in Hessen, Germany

Step back into history and get a glimpse of this 14th-century old castle, a true replica of medieval Gothic architecture.

Still standing tall, this castle is made out of solid rock and lies between Koblenz, Siegen and Frankfurt region in Germany.

The castle once owned by a knight of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is surrounded by forests and you can see timbered rooftops of village houses nearby which is quite a view.

The castle consists of a towerhouse which has 2.5m thick walls. The lower castle is fully equipped with all modern amenities including bathrooms, kitchen, 6 spacious rooms, and a Knight’s hall.

The garden area has medieval vaults and spreads around an area of the 120-meter square and has wine cellars as well.

The castle is not in its best condition and requires a lot of restoration work which is why its sale price has stooped down to €475,000 over the years.

14th Century Gothic Castle in Hessen
14th Century Gothic Castle in Hessen

The Sauerburg Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate

The impressive Sauerburg Castle sits in the middle of 2.471 acres of land in the Sauerthal part of Germany and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The castle has been freshly renovated and often hosts public events like weddings, seminars, classic car rallies, exhibitions, and even hot-air balloon launches.

The castle boasts of 23 generously-sized bedrooms, a great hall, seminar rooms, a courtyard, a tower room, a chapel, and a skittle alley.

The castle also has its very own registry office as castles were often administrative centers in the medieval times.

The approximate price of the castle is €2,900,000.

Sauerburg Castle, Hessen
Sauerburg Castle, Hessen

Schloss Schlochwitz Castle

The healing hotel of castle Schlochwitz is located in a small village in Schochwitz, Germany. Built around the 12th century, this castle is a wellness center and a wedding venue.

The castle has a floor space of 17,000 square feet and 1-acre ground area. The castle is surrounded by a natural reserve and lake area and prohibits any new building erection.

The purchase price of this castle is €750,000 and the owners will assist the buyers to take over the business.

Schloss Schochwitz Castle
Schloss Schochwitz Castle