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Erfurt Germany: The best attractions and things to do

Erfurt city is known s the Thuringia’s state capital which is an old town with a varied history which is more than 1200 years old. This place was regarded as the meeting place of imperial diets and church synods, it was the city where the Erfurt Congress took place in the year 1808 when Napoleon met his allies and also got to meet with the German princes and the Tsar of Russia. The city is not only known for its history but also has a lot of places that the tourists get to enjoy when they plan a visit to this place
Erfurt is a wonderful town to discover by walking, and it also gives you a chance to visit one of the many sights discovered every day in the city’s Old Town on a hiking tour with a guide. Learn more about the attraction spots of Erfurt with our list of its top attractions spots.

The Erfurt city in Germany
The Erfurt city in Germany

Top attractions in Erfurt

Erfurt Cathedral

Roman Catholic Erfurt Cathedral was established in 742 AD. It was replaced in 1154 with Romanesque Basilica and later added its 1370 high Gothic chorus and three towers in the 19th century. The large windows with ancient architecture are the best part of the cathedral. The place is also one of the major attractions in Erfurt and also contributes to the generation of foreign exchange to a vast limit.

The old synagogue

The place was once a worship place of the Jewish people but now has been turned into a museum. The place consists of the hidden treasure which includes silver coins, gold pieces and ingots that are from the 13th century.

The old synagogue of Erfurt Germany

St. Severus Church

A beautiful masterpiece this church was built in 1121. This beautiful church has eye-widening interiors along with some best architecture from the Roman period. The main attraction of this place is the 15 ft high fountain that is the most common place where tourists get their pictures clicked. You can visit the place and get your pictures clicked and keep them with you forever as a memorabilia of the place.

St. Severus Church in Erfurt Germany

The Fishmarket

One of the best places to sit in the open air restaurants and enjoy your meal with live music from local bands playing around you. It also has a number of small monuments along the side that can be visited quickly. Visitors also visit the Merchant’s bridge to see the residential houses built in a line on the bridge that also show a plethora of colors.

The Fishmarket in Erfurt Germany has several open-air restaurants

Augustinian monastery

The place where Martin Luther King became a saint is also there is Erfurt. Founded in 1207 it is of great significance to the residents of the city.
The magnificent the St. Elisabeth Chapel with its mural, and a Bible Monastery, which describes the time of the famous Reformer, are among other places of great interest that one can visit in Erfurt.

Augustinian monastery in Erfurt Germany

Nightlife in Erfurt

The best part of being a tourist is that you get to enjoy the place you are visiting completely. The tour to the city remains incomplete if you do not get to enjoy its nightlife.
Being a calm and composed city that is connected to the roots of its history it also has a lively nightlife to offer to the tourists. There are a lot of pubs and bars and dining areas where you can sit and rejuvenate your senses. Tourists can also enjoy live band performances and can also join them for a performance. The walk through the city during the night is also a good idea with stars overhead and varied traditional and ancient monuments on your side depicting a story of their own.

Erfurt: A city full of confidence

Erfurt is a city that is full of colors and traditions in every corner and is confident about its tradition and culture. It is also considered as the best city in Germany because of its positive environment and lively surroundings.
The world is a very large place to visit and Erfurt is a place that will offer you a gist of the history of almost every city across the globe. It is a place that has witnessed many important events in the history ranging from Napoleon to Martin Luther King and has also been a center for the history related to the contradiction between the church and the night templar’s that were believed to be saving the child of the Christ from King Solomon and his cruel acts.
Here we are here again to let you know about the thick and thins of Erfurt. A city full of culture will let you flow with its culture and will offer you calm and composed aura to rejuvenate your senses from your hectic routine and give you a boost of freshness.

Delicious food of the city

From traditional to exquisite and rich food with luxury on top, the platter that will be served in front of you will have a clear connection with the history of the place and will melt in your mouth with a delicious aroma that will stay in your mouth for a great time. The food in the city is cooked in traditional style and excites the travelers every time they try it.
The people of Erfurt use a combination of salt and peppers in a very fixed manner so that the food cooked is neither too spicy and is not very flat.
Not everyone has their roots connected with the traditional cooking here but there is always a mixture of fusion and tradition that you can get to relish with the eatables available in the different food joints inside the city alongside there are a lot of restaurants too that offer you with lip-smacking delicacies that were cooked in the historical times but are still being enjoyed by the visitors in the city with great delight.

In the end

Erfurt being a historical city is a must visit place if you want to catch the glimpse of Christianity in detail. The place is known for its monuments and the historical stories behind them.

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