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Funny German words that actually exist & meaning

German language is a very funny language and has a lot of words when spoken or read. Most of the German words have no connection with the English language and that is why Germans have their own vocabulary. There are a lot of words in the language that actually mean a whole sentence and you do not have to speak a sentence to express your feelings. Just one word and it’s done!!
Many German words are being introduced in English. Let’s take a dig on some funny German words and enjoy rolling our tongue with the language.

German words you won’t believe are actually there.

German is great to learn the language but is also interesting to speak and is a lot of fun too. Given below is a list of some words that sound funny but are actually a part of the vocabulary


No, don’t get me wrong the word does not relate to earworm at all but it actually relates to the song that is stuck in your mind and you are continuously humming to its tunes. The song is stuck in your nerves like a worm that is why it is called ohrwurm.


It means that you are missing a place so much that you want to be there at the moment. This word can be easily related to homesickness as our home is the best place that we miss and want to be there every time.


Now that is going to be a tricky one to guess. The word means a situation of sorrow or fear when you start eating a lot and also gain weight because of overeating. Imagine gaining weight because of hogging on to pizzas and ice creams and becoming kummerspeck.

Innerer Schweinehund

Feeling too lazy to get up in the morning then do not worry at all as it is because of the lazy pig that is inside you and is making you stay in bed. The situation in which we do not want to work at all and lie on the bed like a couch potato is called Innerer Schweinehund.


The word is used to express your pain. It is also used to describe your discomfort in a particular situation or time.


The word is used to express your feeling of the urgency of closing any door that you have made in your mind. In general terms, it is a word that is used to get your imagination cleared and then get relief after doing it.


It might have happened to most of us that we generally get the best answers after an argument is over. The feeling of getting these things being run in our mind is called trappenwitz.
You must be enjoying the list with these tongue-twisting words. So here are some more weird words that will make you laugh as well as make you more familiar with the vocabulary


It is an expression of the feeling when you feel you are lost in your own life and have no one to support you by your side.


This is the word that means that the world is not at all enough for you. There is a lot of pain in your mind and you are completely dissatisfied with the happenings in your life.


You must be thinking now is it related to noodles or Chinese cuisine. Not at all it means a soft egg and is used in the restaurants. It is used to place your order for the type of egg you want to eat today.


There have been a lot of sayings in the English language regarding this word but in German, you only need to speak this word and it’s a complete sentence in itself. The word here refers to the face that one makes in surprise or because of shock or even before getting a good one on their face.


The word is used for the politicians and for the better halves that are cheating on their partners. So if you have your husband cheating on you say the word loud on his face and I am sure he will be sitting with a dictionary finding the meaning of what you just said.


No! The word does not relate to a dish or to a recipe but actually describes the character of a person. It is used for the person who has a stiff skin and shows no change or reaction even if you shout on them for hours.


Though it feels like you are talking about a tree over here no you are wrong again. It means a complete somersault that kids love doing and turn themselves like a growing tree.


Oh! Now actually that word gives you a feeling of a cheesy pizza loaded with more cheese but it does not have any relation with that. The word is used to describe the feeling of expressing your thoughts in mind. It is actually used for people who are vertically challenged.


The word related to the tongue twisters that people speak in the German language. There are a lot of tongue twisters that you can speak and their pace keeps on increasing with the turns that you speak it in. German love to play with words and thus it is their favorite pass time to make twisters and speak them aloud just for fun.


The word relates to the series of words that are used to insult men for their unmanly behavior. The words can be used in the form of memes or jokes etc but German are very sophisticated people who do not like to use insulting words in a public place even if they are very angry with the other person.


This was a list of some weird and funny words that are there in the German language vocabulary. The language is fun to speak but really difficult to learn because of the tongue-twisting words that one gets to encounter that really will blow your mind.

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