German Village, Columbus

There are a lot of ways in which a German village in the neighborhood of Columbus surprises the visitors everywhere. It is a small place with beautiful landscapes and greenery all around. A German town is a historic place that is situated in Ohio which has a large number of breweries where the most exquisite beers are manufactured.
The place is known for its beautiful brick houses that have the architecture of the 19th century. Most of the homes here tree-lined walls of red brick along with wrought iron fences giving the place a marvelous aura of positivity.

History of the German village

The place holds a great significance in history. The people from the Canadian district can to a German town and created a small community during the First World War. The place this is an amalgamation of both German and Canadian culture.
The modern German village is entirely different from the historical one though the residents have tried their best to save the authentic look and make the place look more beautiful. The guest house in the German village has been awarded as the most beautiful place by Midwest magazine.

The commercial life of German village

There are several dining places along with some of the finest breweries that were also featured in the famous show Man vs. Wild. This place is known for its European style cuisine that is prepared by keeping the traditional flavors in mind. A German village is also the home place for Max and Emma’s first ever food joint.

Cost of living in a German village

A German village is known for its world-class stained glass manufacturing units as wells several art galleries. There are also several shops that cater to European trade. There are wine and gift shops too, along with several import shops. People earn their living by working in different housewares. Some of the world known stained glass producers in the city are Franklin glass, hawk galleries, and knight studio 551.

The architecture of residences in the German village

The homes in the German town and built close to each other on very narrow plots. Initially the houses were built separately, and afterward, the renovation of the entire village made it a well-maintained place with the balance between commercial and residential plots.

German village Columbus
German village Columbus


German brewery district

One of the significant ways in which German village earns its livelihood is by the breweries. These breweries have been in this place since the 18th century and are processing the world’s most excellent beers. Tourists from all corners of the globe visit these breweries for tasting the beer and also take them home.

Places to visit in the German village

There are a lot of places that you can visit when in the German village, from historical to modern sites ranging from sight-seeing to pubs and art galleries. Let’s take a dig on some of the best places to visit in the German village:

Schiller Park: German town has a lot of greenery all around and is thus full of parks where one can sit and relax. One of the best places to visit here is the Schiller Park. The umbrella girl fountain is the major attraction in the park. In the 18th century, the area was a center for neighborhood events. Now turned into a lawn you can see kids playing and people relaxing them.

Keny gallery: this is a place made by the artists for the artists to impress their clients. Visitors can experience a vast collection of American, German, and European art culture with artworks from some well-known artists.

The book loft: a place for the book lovers the book loft has round 50000 books to read. Walls upon this place are filled with books of different genres. The site was once a supermarket that had saloons, grocery shops, and a nickelodeon cinema. The area now holds 32 rooms dedicated to this book loft library.

The book Loft in German Village Columbus
The Book Loft in German Village Columbus

German village guest house: own as the most beautiful place this guest house will make you mesmerize on its ambiance. If you are traveling out of the town, then this place will surely be your best companion. The guest house offers wifi connectivity, snacks, cable TV along with meals facility.

Scioto river: this 231 miles long river is and flows to the south of German village. There are many things to enjoy near the river. You can relax in the beauty of the surrounding nature, the relaxing sounds of the river waters against the rocks, the hummingbirds, and the beautiful sunset. It’s the perfect location to rest, write a novel, or even exercise.

Grab a cream puff at schdimt’s bakery: hog on to some delicious and lip-smacking cream puff’s from the scheme’s bakery. The place also offers some mouth-watering pastries and cakes with different flavors and attractive icing.

Cook at the kitchen: this is an ultimate place for the people who love to cook but do not want to do its entirely on their own and generally like to run from all the cleanup. Order your food and get to cook it along with the chef according to your preferences. Enjoy making different cuisines and hog on to them with beautiful dressing and yummy flavors.


The German Village is one of Columbus’ earliest and most treasured old quarters. Many of German Village’s houses and roads appear precisely the same as they did 150 years earlier due to a meticulous historical preservation attempt that started half a millennium earlier. Today, German Village is host to some of the most sought-after ancient houses, as well as a blend of shop stores, target restaurants, hip cafes, and incredible government spaces. If you are looking out for a perfect destination to spend some time away from the hectic schedule of your life, then the German village is the best option. Quickly book your tickets and lose all your tensions and worries in the positive environment of the place and rejuvenate your senses for a fresh start when you come back.