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How’s Winter in Germany?

Are you planning to visit Germany this winter? If so, better be well prepared. Winters here can be really harsh especially for the first-timers.

Weather in Germany can be really unpredictable especially during winters. Apart from the occasional peek of sunshine, winters in Germany are bone-chilling, dark, and freezing cold especially with the occasional drizzles.

But, don’t get disheartened. There is a lot to do in winters. The country hosts some of the best festivals during winters and who can forget German Christmas celebrations. The whole city lights up during Christmas. You can visit the Christmas markets of Munich and Nuremberg and buy some of the beautiful Christmas delicacies and bread that are baked especially for this festive season.

Germany offers some of the best winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in the Bavarian Alps or you can take a tour through the snow-dripped woods of the magical Black Forest.

Snow Train in the Black Forest, Germany

How long is winter in Germany?

Winters in Germany are during the months of November to February. The average temperatures are around 0-degree Celsius or slightly above that. The nights can be very chilling with temperatures dropping to -20 degree Celsius.

Snow in Germany

During the midst of December to January, it’s beautiful to watch the cities covered in a blanket of snow. But the country does not come to a halt. Nothing can stop the well-spirited Germans. All schools and businesses carry out with their usual activities just like any other normal day.

The city councils put up their sleeves and work extra hard to keep the roads clean and the traffic smooth for the city dwellers. Roads are cleared regularly and traffic is normal except for occasional delays due to bad weather.

Residents are asked to clear their pavements and sidewalks in case anyone gets injured due to improper removal of the snow. You can be even fined for situations like this. So it is compulsory to have a personal insurance policy that can get you covered.

The Cities Clad with Snow

Germany in January Weather

January is really cold during winters, but the temperature and weather may vary according to your geographical location.

The average daily temperature can be anywhere between -1 degree to 4 degree Celsius. There are occasional downpours that can go on for 8 to 16 days at a time. So, January invariably is not the best time to visit Germany during winters.

Germany in January Weather

Winter in Germany Clothes

If this is your first winter in Germany, the first bite of cold can come as a shock especially if you are unprepared.

Woolen clothes

Warm woolen clothes are the best fabrics to beat the frosty winters of Germany. It is best to buy winter clothes during the winter seasons. If you buy them during off seasons like spring or summer, the clothes may come in cheap but won’t suffice the needs of the chilly winter climates.

Woolen Clothes for Winters

Winter Shoes

Boots or winterschuhe are a must for keeping you warm. Winter shoes or boots are warm, water resistant, and has enough spikes underneath to have a better grip against the slippery snow of the roads. Don’t forget to buy appropriate footwear and woolen socks that will cushion you from the cold.

Winterschuhe or Winter Shoes

Winter Undergarments and Thermals

Winter undergarments and thermals are made from different fabrics. You can opt for the woolen ones. They are comfortable and can keep you off of excess layering of clothes.

The undergarments can come as full body suits or ankle-length pants and tops.

Winter Thermals

Winter Jackets

Winter jackets are fashionable and sleek and are a part of every winter wardrobe. The winter jackets are specially made of leather or specially engineered fabric with thermal components to keep you warm.

Winter Jackets

Comforters or Winter Bettdecke

Nothing like snuggling under a silky warm comforter during the dark and humid wintry nights. The specially designed comforters can retain heat and comes with a separate layer of cover for extra warmth.

Winter Bettdecke

Hand Gloves

Don’t forget your hand gloves especially the chemical hand warmers. Some of them are waterproof and are available in all stores.

Head Gears

You can’t spend all day long inside the cozy warmth of your house. You need to go out. The cozy hats are a must especially those that cover your ears.

A German Original Winter Hat

Winter Sports

The country is known for its winter sports.

The Harz Mountains will captivate you with its picturesque views and snow-clad mountains. The 500-km stretch of ski slopes is ideal for snow hiking and ice-skating. Travelers can take part in the ice hockey tournaments in Braunlage or stay in the famous ski resort of Sonnerberg.

The Ore Mountains is another popular spot for winter sports. It offers a variety of winter sports like snowtubing, snowkiting, or snowshoeing. You can also visit the snow parks of Fichtelberg and witness the artificial snowmaking process.

Who can forget the Black Forest? As spooky as its name may sound, winters in the Black Forest can be magical. The Feldberg Mountain in the Black Forest region has many popular resorts and is well-known for its sports events. You can also visit the Kniebes Mountains or the Mehliskopf Mountains. Some of these mountains offer winter sports facilities for beginners as well.

Winter Sports in Germany
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