Things To Do and See In Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch and Partenkirchen were two separate towns of Bavaria until their merger before the Olympics of 1936. After that, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen has become one of the favorite winter destinations for the people of Europe. The town is located on the border between Austria and Germany.

Although merged but Garmisch located in the west of Bavaria is modernized, urban style and trendy town whereas Partenkirchen located in the east is still an old fashioned town following the traditional style of Bavaria.

 Visitors find amusing activities like hiking, skiing, cable riding, yodeling, slap dancing and viewing the breathtaking surroundings over there. There is plenty of lists to do and see in Garmisch-Partenkirchen out of which most famous are

Exploring Zugspitze, The Highest Peak of Germany

The tallest mountain of Germany about 2962 meter high is the Zugspitze peak. One of the busiest peak during the month of winters and the most popular destination is this peak. Many professional skiers travel to Zugspitze from all across Europe to face the challenging paths and also to enjoy the surrounding scenery covered in snow. People reach here through a cable car or cogwheel train which is about 75 minutes ride from Garmisch.


 During Summer, Zugspitze is filled with people fond of hiking, paragliding, and ground to other sports. A  plateaued area called Zugspitzplatt is also visited highly during summers as the place is known for its caves and glaciers.

Visit the Mountain Church

The churches are located amidst the mountain and give you the feeling of holiness and peacefulness. There are three churches. First one is the “New Paris Church” that was built in 1733 with the interior in the Baroque style rises itself from the base to touch the sky. The second church is ” Alte Pfarrkirche” which also means the Old Paris church built in the 15 century in the Gothic style. The third is the St. Anton’s church built in 1704 that has beautifully painted ceilings and the best view of the landscape of the mountain.

Immerse yourself in Partnachklamm

The splendid wonder of nature that has a huge and rapid waterfall, the calm basin is the Partnach Gorge. Its height is around 80 meters while its length is 800 meters. There exists a safe path to cross the gorge allowing the visitors to get immersed in its beauty.


In winters the fall gets frozen fully and looks like that of the North of the wall from Game of Thrones series. Most of the journey points like hiking of Bavarian Alps, Zugspitze, Hausberg, Reintal Valley all have the starting point at this gorge.

Ride yourself in Gandola

 If you want to enjoy the beauty of the region in its true sense then take the Gandola rides. There are two alternative paths for this region. One is to take the Hausbergbahn Gandola that reaches up to 1338 meter high and from there take the Kreuzwanklbahn that reaches up to 1550 meters height. Another option is to take the beautiful journey from the Garmisch to 1650 meter high Kreuzeck.

 Experience Ski Jumping at Olympiaschanze

The ski jumping place where 1936 Winter Olympics were held is Olympiaschanze. Hence it holds very important place historically. The place offers you incredible views from the top of the cliff. More knowledge about the landmark is obtained from the tour of museum and ski jumps. Sometimes special training programs or sessions are held at some particular days.


Pay a Homage to Writer Michael Ende Krupark

These spa gardens are in the memory of Micahel Ende who was the popular author for the fiction writing of children. It allows you to mingle with nature by walking barefoot on the smooth pebbles, pine cones, and soft moss. The place is surrounded by 40000 plants, lily ponds, gorgeous flower beds as well as butterflies and goldfish.

 There is a kind of adventure place for kids which allows them to climb at the top of the turtle like that in “The Neverending Story” and get themselves out of the turf maze. Various concerts are also organized in the park grounds during summer.

Lose yourself in the beauty of Lake Riessersee

 The lake is a picture-perfect alpine lake and became quite popular after it hoisted the sports like skating and ice hockey in the 1936 winter Olympics. The surrounding of the lake is the stunning Alps and the dense thick woods. Amidst the wonderful nature, people often prefer it for picnic spot or stroll around just for relaxing. A small but beautiful cafe is also there on the side of the lake offering you delicious food and pleasing surrounding. To stay overnight there is also a Riessersee Hotel in the area.

Make a Journey to Breathtaking AlpspiX

The place that allows you to stand in the mid-air, above a vertical height of about 1000 meters from the ground is AlpspiX. It gives you the opportunity to observe the stunning natural panorama from such a height amidst the air. It is basically made up of two crossed steel beams that result in the formation of X from the cliff edge. Hollental Valley is just below it whereas the Zugspitze, Waxensteine, and Alpspitze forms the surrounding panorama of Alpine Peaks.