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Things To Do and See in Mittenwald Germany

A beautiful charming town located near the border of Austria is Mittenwald. Traditional Cobblestoned streets, the art of crafting divine instruments, mountain landscapes, hiking, challenging walks, ski runs, and many other features make the small Bavarian town very popular among the tourists. The best things to do and see in Mittenwald are

Explore the Altstadt Town

Visitors surely explore the old town also called Altstadt that is situated amidst the mountains and lakes in Mittenwald. Roam around the local shops, have a bite at restaurants, serve your sweet tooth with best bakeries in the town and lure yourself with the peaceful soul at the church in the center of the city. The main street of the town Obermarket is painted gracefully and you can find gorgeous decorated houses on the street. This painted illusions are somewhat 250 years old and add structural elements to the history of the town. You will listen to the bell every hour which will ring throughout the town.


Enjoy the Beauty of Leutaschklamm

It is a perfect spot for hiking where you can feel the force of nature which is very spectacular as well as fierce. Leutaschklamm Gorge, a deep-water passage is a result of erosion of million years and can be found just between the border of Leutasch and Mittenwald.


There are two parts of Leutaschklamm which are equally worth visit. One is Leutascher Geisterklamm, a name for the foot route around the area which covers most of the Gorge and other is Leutaschklamm Wasserfallsteig which is a short walking passage that takes you to a 23-meter high waterfall that resides inside of the gorge. The place is unique in its own way and is worth visiting.

Hiking and Skiing at the Karwendel

Karwendel Alps are the comprehensive range of mountains of the Northen Limestone Alps. The best way to explore this Alps is to firm your base from Mittenwald especially in summer. Those who are fond of hiking will find their paths between the paths of the mountain that will take you to the peak. But for those who are not hikers, the best alternative is the cable car popular as “Karwendelbahn”, just a 10 minutes ride which carries 25 people in each journey, from the highest nature information center of Germany.

Skiing Karwandel

The trail is almost 130 km long. You will need a sufficient supply of water, sun protection, and sporting footwear. A circular path is also available which is also kid comfortable that starts from the center of the information center and then allows you to keep your one leg in Germany while other in Austria. It is one of the best places to view the sunset and also panorama stretch.

 In winter these hiking trails are covered with ice and then the spot becomes famous skiing across the cross country. One of the longest Germany’s Skiroute that takes you to Austria via an interconnected trail network which will connect the Seefeld area. It offers difficult challenges to all professional skiers or snowboarders.

Engross in the Music of Violins

The town of Mittenwald is also known as ” Village of Thousand Violins”. Matthias Klotz, a famed son, went to study under his master in Italy and returned to his village some years later in 1684 and then continued the old tradition of giving the guidance to other violin makers. He redeveloped the art of executing the divine instruments in Mittenwald. He started making violins with his brother but later on, many men of the villages joined in crafting violins.

Violin Museum

High quality of wood is available in Mittenwald and hence the town was an ideal spot for making instruments. Then in 1930 “Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald” known as the museum for violin making laid its foundation. Visitors found it delightful to visit this museum as they can find the samples that are ages old, and they are tempted more towards it by hearing, smelling and seeing the instruments.

An annual violin building contest is organized in the town every June along with concerts and lectures for celebrating the cultural contribution towards the town.

Eat and Drink at Local Brewery

Like all other towns of Germany, Mittenwald is also popular for dining and wine. Local food is very tasty and is served with modesty at many traditional restaurants. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the beers at Mittenwalder Brewery which runs from 1860. They sell  10  different types of beer following the purity law and they feel much proud of their uniqueness. Visit this brewery is a must being in Mittenwald. A brewery tour is also organized for the visitors which takes you to visit the beer museum and taste the beer there. They also provide you with a Souvenir and it is definitely a tasty trip.

Take a Dip in the Ferchensee Lake

This segregated lake is about an hour’s ride from Mittenwald’s city where no cars or buses are allowed to pass. To enjoy the beautiful scenery one need to visit the lake either by walking or by taking motorized e-bikes which brings out some sort of adventures to the trip. The lake is open for swimming. Taking a walk around the lake is also pleasurable. There is a famous cafe  Gasthaus Ferchensee where you can dine and treat yourself with the local food.


Feel the Peace at St.Peter and Paul Church

The church is located at the main square of the town and was originally constructed in 1315. There is a hand painted bell and clock tower located at the foot of the main market street. There are as many as 6000 followers as well as a lot of tourists who admire the decor which is golden Baroque. You may see the architecture of Wessobrunner and frescoes inspired by Matthaus Gunther. There are family pews present in the church that are labeled with German Gothic printed plates of names that are centuries old.

St. Peter and Paul Church

Appreciate the Surroundings at Lautersee

The Lautersee resides in the Wetterstein mountains of Bavaria. They are beautiful mountain and lake with turquoise water which is just 2 km drive from the Isar Valley. The mighty mountain ranges of the Karwendel back us over the water surface of the Lautersee lake. Visitors often take up the hiking from the Laintal to Lautersee which passes through a beautiful small valley and the mountain stream of the Laintal.


If the base is Mittenwald people often chose cycling to reach Lautersee. One can enjoy the mountains, lake, romantic roads on their trip. During summer visitors often take a bath in the lake and enjoy their surroundings. There are few hotels and restaurants if anyone has the plan to stay overnight or return just after dine.

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