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Top 10 Things To Do and See in Fussen, Germany

Lake Forggense

Lake Forggense

Fussen is a small little charming town that sits in the cluster of the Bavarian Mountains. It is very rich in its culture and has many vivid landmarks. Fussen is on the way when one visits Neuschwanstein Castle but not all stop here to look at the historic and the artistic part of this beautiful fairy town.

Every street of the town is paved with the cobblestones that will definitely win your heart. The greenish-blue river that passes from the center of the town with cobblestone sideways on both sides. The town looks alive and colorful with the pastel-toned stores which are located on the banks of the river.

If one needs to have some seasoning from their routine life and have a look at the world with a new perspective, visit Fussen is worth. The best 10 things to visit and do in Fussen are

 Be Treated like a Royal in Neuschwanstein  Castle

It is one of the most visited places in Germany which is just 4km drive from Fussen. The magical castle lies in the rugged mountains of the Bavarian. The castle was inspired by the Sleeping Beauty’s castle of Walt Disney and after fortification, the castle seems like visiting a place of dreams in the fairy tale.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This palace was a symbol of homage to Richard Wagner and was later bought by King Ludwig III costing a fortune to him. The shooting of popular film like “The Great Escape”  and many others were done here in the castle. It gives the feeling of being royal and is worth visiting.

 Make  a Trip to Garmisch Partenkirchen

This is a very famous ski resort located at bottom Germany’s highest peak called Zugspitze. It is just 2 hours ride from Fussen and is a must visit if you are fond of the mountain beauty and the scenery from the top of hills. Garmisch Partenkirchen is basically a merger of two towns Garmisch which although looks modern but feels like the town from history in the ’50s while Partenkirchen is a must visit the town as it has its different beauty and charm.

Garmisch Partenkirchen

  Lose Yourself at the Leechfall

Leechfall are found in the Southern region of Fussen. They are man-made structures which are formed from the water passing down from the Ice Age lake. The flowing water is cascading over five layers which astonish the visitors and are dumbfounded by its beauty. A gentle walk around the falls lets you enjoy nature in a sporting way. Although the falls are a small the surrounding scenery is breathtaking and beautiful. The limestone mountain range and sparkling turquoise water add much more to the beauty of the falls.


 Walk down through the streets of Altstadt

Altstadt is also known as the old town of Fussen which is mostly pedestrianized. The town is occupied with bright colored buildings which have beautiful frescos embellished on it. It has a traditional cobblestoned structure like that of each Bavarian town. The town is 700 years old which gives an old charm to it especially luring the visitors as it offers all the amenities similar to that of the modern town.


One can have the taste of traditional food of Bavarian that is served at many restaurants and cafes. Visitors also do not miss to bite at bread and cakes that are available at popular bakeries in the town.

 Take a stopover at the High Castle of Fussen

The high castle is also known as Hohes Schloss keeps watching over the whole town. In the past, it was the residence of Bishops of Augsburg in summer. The castle is built in the late Gothic style which displays a 500 year decorated courtyard. Also, there is an enticing clock tower that has a bright color exterior.

High Castle

The interior of the castle is well preserved and guide you to history dating back from 15th to the 19th-century style of building. the best of all is the Knights room which has wooden ceilings of the Gothic style. One can also have a view of the Allgau from the highest chapel called Vietskapelle.

Rides at Lake Forggensee

A boat ride and Bike rides both can be done at one of the largest lakes of Bavaria, Forggensee.

The boat ride is very popular as it takes you through the whole lake offering you the marvelous views of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castle along with the Alpine peak surroundings and the fantastic Fussen Town.

Lake Forggense

On the side trails of Lake Forggensee, one can have the coolest experience of bike riding where the cyclist can ride up to 32 km. Take meal breaks or swimming breaks in the lake is also popular among the visitors. Along with this the magnificent view of the  Bavarian  Alps is an advantage. Readily available paths are accessible for kids as well as a new cyclist.

Breathtaking Cable Car to Tegelberg

There runs a cable car that up to Tegelberg providing us the astonishing view of the Neuschwanstein. The stunning view of landscapes of Bavaria is offered once you reach the top. The place is very popular for mountain climbing, hiking, and paragliding, especially in summers.

Cable Car

Spend some time with yourself at Hopfensee

The lake is situated in the north of Fussen in the town of Ostallgau. It is one of the excellent places to sit down and relax. The surrounding is so peaceful and serene which helps you to spend quality time with yourself and search your soul. One feels very refreshing after camping here even for a night. It is kind of a therapy treatment that you can give to yourself. In summer the lake is occupied with families involved in various activities like boating, swimming, windsurfing, and sailing.


Biting and Beer at Bierstube

One of the best pub in the town to have local food along with lavishing beer of Munich is the Bierstube at the Hotel Hirsch. You can make friends with the locals here very easily and chat all night along with taking a meal.

Hotel Hirsch is also remarkable to stay overnight The exterior of the hotel resembles a dollhouse. It is built in the style of Art Nouveau style in which each room is decorated in such manner that reminds us of the Bavarian culture. The hotel is somewhat gaudy looks very elegant. Book in one of the best room on the rooftop terrace to have a look at mountains and Fussen old town.


The town of Bavaria is very Catholic in nature and one finds some alternatives at every stop for the “Way of Cross”. It basically symbolizes that Jesus us carrying the cross to his death. Each of the stations has some hut-like structure similar to that of the church building. The view from the top is very exemplary where you have a great look down at Leech Valley, Fussen Town, Swan Lake, and many castles.


As most of the town of Bavaria has its path through mountains, this Kalvarienberg provides a sort of resting place for all hikers.

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